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  • JaneGoodman 2 months ago

    Have you heard about Garcinia for weight loss? I lost over 27lbs by taking it. The only bad thing is it's expensive! But you can get a full 30 day bottle for

  • dirmyg eira 2 months ago

    Zack is gorgeous!

  • Lifestyle Tips 2 months ago

    Great video!

  • Peter Graaf 2 months ago

    Fucking awesome man !

  • Nuni's Diaries 2 months ago

    OMG Zach I'm so proud of you

  • Boom Platinum 2 months ago

    good on him, being 400 plus is rough. i used to be 403lb and i was able to cut down to 180-200. i lost a lot of my weight from hiking, insanity workout and carb cutting. i lost the weight to join the marine corps but even though i made it in i still struggle with losing weight. ive been stuck at 180 to 200 since bootcamp in apr and its almost oct and the only thing i seem to lose is some waste size but im not puttung on muscle to maintain weight, not sure what to do anymore because it effects my taping in

  • InDatParish 2 months ago

    Poor John, fighting the whole time to keep from interrupting him lol

  • mrinfinitive 2 months ago

    Excellent video!!! Do more of these. Next time have guests share recipes or demonstration exercises they were able to do at different stages of weight loss, etc.

  • wtfitzal 2 months ago

    zach is hot af just sayin

  • Disko H 2 months ago

    Damn he's hot.

  • Justin Hickison 2 months ago

    Awesome video.

  • Daniella Sullivan 2 months ago

    Oh man, congratulations. I can't even express how amazing that is!

  • lesego Tlale 2 months ago

    How could you eat 5000 calories at 460lb?!?!? Is this to loose weight or is it once weight is lost gaining muscle? I thought you needed to be at a caloric deficit to burn off fat

  • Jose Morales 2 months ago

    This is what I love about this channel!

  • zakkeryc 2 months ago

    My name is Zakk. My heaviest weight was 465 pounds. I'm 6'0. I'm 24 years old for another month. I started to really gain the weight in first or second grade. This guys story is so fucking motivating to me. His life experience with weight is identical to mine. Up until it clicked and I wanted the change 3 months ago, I was content dying early and staying exactly the same until then. I've always had decent results with blood work until I also was told I had high blood pressure and put on medication. It is so insane to me how much his story is just like my own. Happy to say I'm on my journey now and Friday I weighed in at 410 pounds for a total weight loss of 55 pounds in 3 months exclusively with dieting. I have a fractured right ankle and haven't been able to work out or do much since 6/30/17, but I know when I get healed, I'm so ready to hit this gym and get the results that my fellow Zach has already gotten. Everyone's loss journey and story is different, but to see someone with my exact situation succeed means the world to me and is the ultimate motivator. I know that I'm the only one standing in my way and I'm stepping aside for this one. I already bought some training sessions at a strongman gym and I'm dying to get working. Thanks for the motivation guys. And, Zach if you happen to read this, it'd mean a lot if you could reach out to me just because we are so damn similar and I'd love some pointers that helped you out. Thanks everybody.

  • Oh Dozal 2 months ago

    I've gotten a 105 lbs down so far and it's no 200+ but I still think it's amazing for me I was 5'6 245 lbs and now I am still 5'6 but 140lbs down and I'm working on getting the last bit of fat off me to obtain my abs finally which has been a dream for me forever

  • Joanna Bunia 2 months ago

    I was smiling for 25 min! Greater interview! Good job guys! So inspiring!

  • BananStian 2 months ago

    Lost 75kg so far, been working out for 1 and a half years now doing powerlifting. I am now on a team here in Norway and are gonna compete in january 2018. My life is changed.

  • upplsuckimcool16 2 months ago

    If you are someone who doesn't mind throwing up, then gastric bipass will NOT work.

    My mom has always been overweight and she was going to get gastric bipass, and I CRIED bloody fuckin murder for her not to do it. I told her it was going to 100% NOT WORK because I knew her too well.

    As it was she would stuff herself until she had to throw it all up WITHOUT gastric bipass, and I thought that it would be the same after….. She DID end up having the surgery… and she has since gained 80 lbs……. after the initial like… 100 lb loss……. I'm not 100% on this btu i think she might weigh exactly the same as she did going into it and this was YEARS ago….

    She literlly stuffs herself until she can feel the ffod packing into her asophogus…… then she just throws up…….. After a while you get used to it where you eat just enough to where you don't throw up, and you get fatter…..

  • BigTallCoolOne 2 months ago

    Your videos are awesome man and inspirational. I started my weight loss journey 4 months ago at 350 and now at 270. Keep doing what you do.

  • JefeSosa 2 months ago

    atta boy, keep it up