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  • denise falcon 3 months ago

    Wrapid Results body wrap is really good Amazon and Ebay sell it I think. It comes in an oval jar I used it and left it on for only an hour I lost over 7 inches on my thighs and stomach its not the It Works wrap Its much better cause you can use it all over your body and more inch loss.

  • Cherissa Parra 3 months ago

    By wrapping yourself in these things or just seran wrap itself or whatever else your wrapping yourself with, hehe. It's all water loss. ItWorks wraps are absolutely different so people who are comparing, I'm sorry but there is no comparison. ItWorks wraps are infused with a botanical solution made with all natural ingredients and it enters the body through your pores to do it's work over the next 72 hours after wearing it for at least 45 to an hour (8 hour max). The ItWorks! Body Wraps promote a process called “lipolysis” (li·pol·y·sis) – which means “fat-breaking.” The plant extracts and botanicals from the wrap penetrate deep into the fat cell and breakup the large fat molecules into smaller ones, which are then allowed to leave the cell. These fat molecules are then burned up as energy somewhere else in your body, which is one of the main reasons why you should be well hydrated while you are using the applicator. Being hydrated while wrapping ensures that the little fat molecules can circulate and be released from the larger fat cells.

    Body wraps promote detoxification
    The botanically based formula used in the body wrap also aids in the detoxification of fat cells. Our fat cells store toxins, so if we release the toxins stored in the fat cells, we are essentially “shrinking” them through the process of wearing the body wrap. The toxins contained in our fat cells also cause the cell to become inflamed (think swollen). The body wraps contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that help reduce the effect of inflammation of the fat cells, which in turn helps reduce the overall size of the cells.

    But how does the wrap tone, tighten and firm?

    The ingredients contained in the body wrap significantly improve the microcirculation of the area that it’s applied to. Adipose tissue (aka fat cells) require a great deal of blood vessels/capillaries, without the circulation of blood bringing nutrients to the cells, they would die and be inaccessible to the body as an energy source.  If we can improve the circulation of the area, we can improve the overall health of the cells, thus allowing processes like lipolysis to take place.

    The ingredients contained in the body wrap formula promote lipolysis (the process of breaking up fat cells), detoxification (aiding in the release of toxins contained in the fat cells), microcirculation (allowing our fat cells to be used for energy elsewhere in the body) and reducing inflammation (combating the inflammation of cells due to toxins).  ;)

  • Living healtheir and wiser. 3 months ago

    The people on here selling these it works wrap should be ashamed of yourselves. You're only out to make a quick buck you don't really care about the ingredients in these wraps, if you did you would not be selling it. They claim all natural ingredients!!! why don't you tell clients one of the ingredients is BHT look it up people BHT it's a hazard material a chemical. That's a natural hazardous chemical. By the way also wrapping yourself in plastic is also very toxic. So dont claim these wraps detoxify you.

  • Krissy Mayo 3 months ago

    Cover yourself in lotion, Wrap yourself in suran wrap and exercise. Works great!

  • canastarapper 3 months ago

    Me too! It helped tightens, lifts and smooths my skin on
    my buttocks & upper thighs with floor of exercises. It
    was worth a penny. Ive never looked this great before.

  • ginger sarai 3 months ago

    Coz U Didn't Do It Right….. -…-

  • Eaglewings Marilinn 3 months ago it at your Service

  • Eaglewings Marilinn 3 months ago it at your Service

  • .period 3 months ago

    Propaganda . Brainwash

  • Anthony Michel 3 months ago

    ITworks body wraps is where its at. Hit me up for info :)

  • Adam Craig 3 months ago

    People will do any nonsense to avoid the basics of physiology. Put in the work and be consistent with regulating diet. Why do people fall for this rubbish.

  • Patsy Fuller 3 months ago

    I use the It Works body wraps, It less work then this and works great! 

  • Desirae Renee 3 months ago

    I got the same results from using plastic wrap lol 

  • Brittany Finch 3 months ago

    It Works body wraps all the way!!!!!!!:)

  • Jimmie Woods 3 months ago

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  • lakshi boolaky 3 months ago

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  • Lucille Blomster 3 months ago

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  • thomas sr 3 months ago

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  • BADD LittleRascals 3 months ago

    It Works! Body wraps use a special blend of all natural botanical ingredients proven on their own to reduce inflammation, heal, renew and hydrate skin, and flush your skin layers with antioxidants, leaving progressive results that continue to work for three days. Results last 2-6 months without maintenance. skinnywrap101. com

  • Amir Waseem 3 months ago

    Enhance Fat-loss effect from Diet!!! go there freegarciniacambogia. biz

  • EricW1063 3 months ago

    Check out ericwestrick(dot)myitworks(dot)com and learn how you can receive 40% off the retail price of our all natural body wraps!!! Not spam or a dead link. I am an actual "It Works!" Global distributor!!! Or message me to get my cell number and find out more info!!!!

  • kia1983 3 months ago

    These wraps REALLY work!!! Email me at and let me assist you in your weightloss journey and how to receive 40% off on your wraps! I am an itworks distributor!!!

  • Chelsey Thenga 3 months ago

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  • Chelsey Thenga 3 months ago

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  • Jayatissa Deweddana Gamage 3 months ago

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  • Artem Putotski 3 months ago

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  • Helping Angel 3 months ago

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  • Stacey Manry 3 months ago

    It Works! Skinny Wraps work!! You can definitely see results after 45 minutes and the best thing about the It Works! Skinny Wraps is that they continue to work for 72 hours after the initial application!! Order now at StaceyManry(dot)MyItWorks(dot)com !! It really does work!! :) ))