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I’m exposing the truth about those crazy body wraps! Do they work? do I have to let someone see my unsightly stretch marks, scars, belly and back rolls or can I just wrap myself?

Watch as I show you how easily you can wrap yourself with the It works body wrap and still have amazing results.

Here are some tips for best results:

1. If possible, wrap after you shower, when your pores are open and can easily absorb the product.
2. After showering, do not apply any lotion to the area that you will be wrapping.

A. Take before photos of the area you will be wrapping so you can “SEE” the difference between where you started.

B. Use a tap measure to measure your Stomach, waist and hips

3. Gather all your items for the wrap before you begin.

4. Use saran wrap, ACE bandage (with a holder) or form fitting shirt to hold the wrap in place.

5.IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST WRAP, you should leave it on for a maximum of 45 minutes to one hour….to make sure there are no allergic reactions.

6. This is NOT water loss, the ingredients in the wrap help in detoxifying your body.

7. Most Important TIP….Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water over the next 72 hours. You should aim to drink at least half of your weight in ounces, for example, if you weight 150, you should be aim for 75 ounces daily.

8. Avoid artificial sweeteners so you aren’t reintroducing toxins back into our body.

Overall: Make consistent small changes to your relationship with food (mindset), do some effective and less strenuous exercises as well….you’ll kiss that baby fat stomach, thighs, arms or saddle backs goodbye and say hello to your smaller jeans sooner than you think.

Don’t call it a diet….that way you approach it as a new healthier lifestyle….then you’ll have more energy for your kids!

Watch PART 2 of this video series for the amazing body wrap results!

If you are ready to get started with your wraps, go to:

Still have more questions about the wrap?

More of my personal before and after photos are here:

This FAQ section may have the same question you do

For the FAQ’s, go to:

Order your wraps at:

Guess what?…loyal customers get 4 wraps for $59!

We love our Loyal Customers….

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  • Edilia Luna 1 month ago

    Do u have to put on that think with the brown stuff on it

  • Robert Hubbard 1 month ago

    Do you still have the deal for 4 for 59? This one chick is trying to charge me 99$

  • Robert Hubbard 1 month ago

    Do you still have the deal for 4 for 59? This one chick is trying to charge me 99$

  • foxx fire 1 month ago

    One thing about body wrapping, I wouldn't go to bed with the wrap because your body needs to circulate blood and a wrap might interfere with that.

  • foxx fire 1 month ago

    When I had back trouble I used the waist belt that supports your back and I notice it also trimmed my waist line! I wasn't even trying to lose inches, I had a back ache. I would wear it for 2 hours every other day and soon my belly was smaller…REALLY!!

  • futurebody90 1 month ago


  • sunil kc 1 month ago

    To folks who want to lose weight–but can't get started. Just Google Fat Blast Furnace right away.

  • Chef Lovelle 1 month ago

    When you become a loyal customer, is the initial fee $59 or is there some type of hidden fee as well? Also, does the $59/month just cover me being able to have the low prices or does it actually include the product that I want? I would hate to be paying $59 a month just to have a low price on It Works products PLUS still have to pay for the actual products

  • Chhaya Mehta 1 month ago

    Could u tell me the price of one wrap plz and i need only solution wrap

  • Tolanda Johnson 1 month ago

    where did you get your wraps and applicator

  • Jessy steigelman 1 month ago

    Felicia, I want to ask a question? Do I Have to go shower then wrap on belly? Or belly wrap then when it's done then go shower?

  • Sabina9720 1 month ago

    you are very pretty :) )))))) don't worry about your stomach,as long as you are kind and wonderful everybody will respect you :)