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Pole Dancing for Fitness – Cartwheel Mount – as part of the fitness series by GeoBeats.

We are going to do a cartwheel mount. So what we are going to do is stand behind the pole. And this is something that is an advanced move, and you are not going to want to try this until you have lots of time of practicing pole, and also having somebody there to spot you. We are going to take our bodies down. We are going to take our hand and twist it around. Grab the pole, the other hand’s pushing down. So we push down, we pull with that top arm. We are going to take the inside leg and we are going to swing it up.

And from here, you want to turn your knees towards your armpits. And I am going to demonstrate this. So we are going to take our inside leg. We are going to swing it, and take your knees to your armpits. If you had like, you can bring your legs up or over. And then we are going to step down. And that was a cartwheel mount.

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  • Rogue 2 months ago

    Ok this video help alot I didnt know you had to twist the upper hand. The other vids that I seen didnt look like they did, atleast I didnt think they did.

  • Rebekah Hennes 2 months ago

    Actually, a handspring is when a person goes backwards onto the pole and it does have a different hand grip.

  • Michala 2 months ago

    would this be the same position for a handspring??