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Ectomorph? Mesomorph? Endomorph? What body type are you? How to train and eat for your body type?
Let’s dig into it.

In this video, we will talk about the three basic body types namely the Ectomorph, the Mesomorph and the Endomorph. My idea of making this video is that you get to identify which of these body types you fall under and accordingly what kind of workout and what kind of diet is best suited to you. So that you get the best possible results.

#1 Body Type – ECTOMORPH – 00:27

Ectomorphs are the typical hardgainers. They tend of narrow shoulders, small frame and overall a skinny look. Ectomorphs find it really difficult to gain weight or put on muscle mass. They naturally have a very low body fat percentage.

#2 Body Type – MESOMORPH – 02:30

Mesomorph is probably the best body type to be a part of. They naturally have a symmetrical build, wide shoulders, narrow waist. A mesomorph finds it quite easy to put on muscle. Also they tend to lose body fat quite effectively. Mesomorphs are generally quite muscular and bodybuilding comes naturally to them.

#3 Body Type – ENDOMORPH – 03:22

They have a soft round build. They tend to put on fat very easily because of which they generally struggle to lose weight.

So these were the 3 basic body types. Now, just because we have talked about three body types, it doesn’t mean that you have to fit completely into one of these.

You can easily be a combination of ectomorph and mesomorph or endomorph and mesomorph. But essentially the idea was to help you understand what your body type is. Because when we know what our body type is we can accordingly workout and eat to get the best possible results.

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  • Paid Games For Free 3 months ago

    Plz reply, I am 12 years old and my height is 5ft6.5 inch with 62 kg, my abs are little visible, I was 96 kg 1 year ago, Should I gain muscle or lose body fat and weight, plz reply

  • Vivek Selvadurai 3 months ago

    Am overweight but not obese for my height.
    But I feel that my shoulder are getting widened as age increases .

    Kindly clarify me by reducing my overall weight can I also reduce my waist width and shoulder width to look slimmer ???

  • mohammed yusuf 3 months ago

    I'm mesomorph

  • Libin Mathews 3 months ago

    Mine is 3rd type of body. I had Quit NonVeg and oily food but not able to lose Weight

  • Madhumita Soren 3 months ago

    Hey i need ur help… i am skinny.. bt nxt mnth.. i hv my beauty pageant grand finale.. So i to present myself atractive.. nd i hv one mnth tym.. to eork for my body… plzz help?? i want to gain weight. as well as a bit height too?? is whey protein helps to built up muscles???plzz suggest me some whey protien brands.. available in market.. bt affordable too..??plzz help…

  • kalai vani 3 months ago

    Is it only for boys?

  • Gamer Boy 3 months ago

    sir I'm 16,
    Nd I fit in ectomorph…
    which muscle should I focus more???
    chest? arms? legs? etc?? pls rply

  • Ashish Singh 3 months ago

    first cardio or first weight training which is best option

  • Sree Krishna 3 months ago

    I am13 i am veg i very skinny which thing is best to eat to get big body,please tell reply

  • william harvy 3 months ago

    dam I'm a mesomoph …..

  • ajay singh 3 months ago

    these are not body type . these are personality development

  • ajay singh 3 months ago

    these are not body type . these are personality development

  • lnsd prasad 3 months ago

    Bro are you from vizag

  • senthil kumar 3 months ago

    Hi vivek, can u make video about circuit workout which should do daily..

  • Nitin Phad 3 months ago

    aare bhai Hindi me banaiye yeh video bahut important hai par samaj nahi aa raha

  • rajat rana 3 months ago

    My waist is 30 and my chest is around 38-40.. which type of body ?
    My weakest part is my legs but I can walk more than 30-40km a day

  • Crimzash 3 months ago

    2:04-2:09 "It is always advisable to eat frequently. so you should eat every 2-3 years" lol

  • Asad Butt 3 months ago

    God Damn im Mesomorph
    Love From Pakistan #fittuber

  • dhaval patel 3 months ago

    hello sir,
    my height is 190cm and weight only 58 kg. please suggest homebase excercise and veg diet with eggs.