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When To Use A Fat Burner discuss the topic of adding in a supplement marketed as a fat burner. These products often make claims which are outlandish and thus are not always well received. How to use a fat burner has more to do with timing and personal stages of fat loss. These are not magic, but used properly can be part of a successful fat loss phase.
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  • Botski Bomb 3 weeks ago

    Good video. Thanks! I was about to just buy it and start up, but I like how you stated the best timing for it… once I really need it.

    Just curious, some guys are mentioning to take it before a gym session.. however, what if I’m already taking a pre-workout with 300mg caffeine…

  • SherriW70 3 weeks ago

    Burn Ultra out of stock everywhere!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!

  • Nikki Kristine 3 weeks ago

    As always good content!!!! Thank Paul :) Will remember this tip for prep!

  • Stephen Beaugrand 3 weeks ago

    Fat burners, fighting off that diet brain !

  • Victoria Renfroe 3 weeks ago

    I always love to try to find a video from you about my questions until I bug you in emails

  • Karla Grijalva 3 weeks ago

    Hi, I left a massage on your website inquiring about reverse diet coaching but have not received a reply for the second time.

  • Mymultisportlife 3 weeks ago

    Hey Paul, wondering if you could do a video on crash dieting for a photoshoot or something similar, maybe a wedding or beach day. I'm 4 weeks from a day where I want to look a little leaner, not expecting a miracle but wondering is crash dieting or any other method appropriate for this type of situation. Thanks for all your vids and time!

  • Karla Tamez 3 weeks ago

    Hi, i have a cuestion, do you recommend cardio(HIIT or conventional) for skinny girls that are in a caloric surplus trying to build muscle but dont want to gain too much fat?? Im an ectomorph who looses muscle very easy but keep fat

  • Cindy Walden 3 weeks ago

    Great information Paul! Thank you. Can you address the use of natural test boosters for both men and women in a future video?

  • Amber Elrod 3 weeks ago

    Paul, does one have to wait until they get hungry or tired on the regular? I inherited a very low appetite from my parents and am never hungry despite eating in a deficit with daily lifting and cardio (AM/PM) for a few weeks now. Novice @ 7 weeks out. Used to take Xenadrine-XRF back in the day. Best crack ever!

  • Mr. O 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for the info… it was very informative… i discovered you a month back and since then i never missed a single video of yours…and i watch your previously made videos as well…

  • Global Fitness DJ Baddmixx 3 weeks ago

    True… For Me, Great During Cardio

  • Marco Milo 3 weeks ago

    Always bringing us excellent information. I used to take fat burners early on prep but I was building tolerance so I had to take more and more. But now I know when to exactly take them. Thanks coach!!!