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Superhero Home-Workout:
OTHER BOOKS (Beginner and Intermediate):
All you Need is Pull-up Bar (My Story):
How to sculpt a Greek God Marble Chest with Push-ups:
How to Carve a Gymnast’s Ripped Back with Pull-Ups:
[Easy Weight-Loss] Lose weight with 30 easy tips:…
All information in this YouTube channel is presented with good intentions. You must always consult your physician prior to starting any exercise/diet program, especially if you have any medical condition or injury that contraindicates physical activity. All forms of exercise pose some inherent risks. You must take full responsibility for your safety and know your limits. Before practicing the exercises in this book, make sure that any kind of equipment or surface you train on is well maintained. Do not take risks beyond your level of experience, aptitude, training and fitness. If you experience any acute or chronic pain, consult a physician. This publication is intended for informational use only and I will not assume any liability or be held responsible for any form of injury by the utilisation of this information.

There are Superhero characters mentioned in this Video that are the sole and exclusive intellectual property of Marvel and/or DC Comics, under their respective lawful trademarks. Any reference, depictions, illustrations or reproductions herein are strictly represented under the doctrine of fair use and educational purpose. This includes, but is not exclusive to, mentions or depictions of ‘Wolverine’, ‘Captain America’, ‘Batman’, ‘Superman’, and ‘The Flash’. The material herein is in no way portrayed or intended in a manner that would likely replace original market roles or value of the respective
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  • Seb Leonard 2 weeks ago

    I've been working on my Saitama One Punch Man body since like 5 weeks now.
    tldr i'm coming back from sorta serious injury that i sustained doing handstand pushups 4months ago

    My real goal is to be Ranger fit, thus as fit as an Army Ranger; In the sense that I want to be able to ace all the rests at max points with ease. Being a former soldier, i miss how fit i was.
    And I'm a hardgainer too, i guess? I am very active, i bike, i walk/run/ruck daily, swimming and things like that, yet i never looked much muscular

  • captainbro999 2 weeks ago

    Ok, I have always been a bit chubby, but I do not have very muscular legs, but I can get muscle easily in my upper body, I am also pretty damn strong compared to the average for my age, so I am not sure if I should go for Wolverine or Captain America.
    (I am 14 by the way, but I think it would be ok to workout considering I am 5'9 and 200 lbs).

  • danilo cruz 2 weeks ago

    is it updated i bought it last year but i cant log in to the email i used to get the pdf's need help..

  • MWC X 2 weeks ago

    Im one of the worst types of people i can get a really good wolverine body type within 10 weeks starting from 0 but I'm soo lazy when I get home from work I don't want to do anything lol

  • Aidan Fourie 2 weeks ago

    Been working out 4 months.. Loving the channel!

  • Daniel James 2 weeks ago

    What Pull up tower do you use?

  • Max Lewis 2 weeks ago

    i am full blown endo and have up on six pack and abs years ago.

  • Majestik Kaos 2 weeks ago

    im going for a gradual captain america build thanks for the help

  • Nils Wittfoot 2 weeks ago

    awesome intro buddy!
    i like the marvel/dc kinda Body type comparison. because actually ( without tryin to be a smartass herw

  • Winklle 2 weeks ago

    Hi! Quick question: I lost a ton of fat – I always thought I am the endomorph, now I am pretty lean an muscular – am I skinny endomorph, or I was fat ectomorph… :D

  • Joris Graauw 2 weeks ago

    How can I join the Superhero facebookgroup?.I have purchase the progam last year

  • Farnhamification 2 weeks ago

    He's not a superhero, but a comic book hero – Tintin.

  • WarriorCult TV 2 weeks ago

    thanks Anthony. nice one

  • Marcello Antonio Dreier 2 weeks ago

    Anthony . .. you with the Aim of the Wolverine Look but less mass and beeing more ripped . .. oh man how freaking badass will this be?! hahahah . .. looking forward to it! :D

  • luke rockhold , i chocked out bisping 2 weeks ago

    am Superman lol

  • Joshua Bush 2 weeks ago

    always motivating brotha

  • Gavin Berry 2 weeks ago

    Go for the Hulk Hogan physique

  • ElBatuko 2 weeks ago

    Ok, I'm an Ectomorph. So I should go for the flash physique.

  • Chad Holladay 2 weeks ago

    Own your own body type and become comfortable with your physique. Work with your own body. This is priceless and wise. We battle against ourselves – our own shadow selves, own demons, own weakness – not other people when exercising. When we chase after physiques that don't recognize our own biology we chase ghosts and illusions. Each superhero had their own unique gifts and when they came to terms with this, they became gifts to the world.

  • César Andrade 2 weeks ago

    Kind of in between flash and wolverine, more towards flash atm.