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  • Ram Ghuman 2 days ago

    Which body type would you pick?

  • Karan Sran 2 days ago

    I want D type body

  • Xx_FaZe_Rolf_xX l 2 days ago

    Not much difference between c and d

  • Pixel Cutie 2 days ago

    I prefer c
    D is wayyyyy to shredded and the muscles look too much (no offence)
    And a and b aren't toned

  • scouty the scout 2 days ago

    D All The Wayyyyy (Just Cuz My Name Starts With D) xD

  • Clarz 2 days ago

    Get back to C

  • Sophie Y. 2 days ago

    I would pick none, But that's probably bc I'm lesbian

  • Abdulrahman Ahmed 2 days ago
  • Ravewell 2 days ago

    Love all your vids!!! :D

  • Dana Gameplay 2 days ago

    I will pick none cause I don’t need no man.

  • Blaze R3con 2 days ago

    My goal is D

  • Rohan Brown 2 days ago

    I want to be C

  • Scorpion 2 days ago

    Wow actually a video where he actually goes out and find real people instead of actors mE iS HaPpY

  • furythemlgpro player mlg 2 days ago

    And i was wondering why girls didnt like me

  • tenzin londen 2 days ago

    I prefer D, man it is so cool

  • AJ Styles 2 days ago

    My body type is pretty much c not too much muscle and not too much fat

  • The minecraft King and Maggie 2 days ago

    I like D ♥w♥

  • Akash srivastava 2 days ago

    Bro please say something in hindi.

  • itz sakib_7 2 days ago

    Why u so over with u six pack

  • andrecolo88 2 days ago

    Name of the last song?

  • dhruv chawla 2 days ago

    After the result of this video @ramghuman might be thinking that damn!!! I think I should start bulking instead of cutting or "shredding"

  • Infinite Exp 2 days ago

    Shredded is too much work and also only good for competition but keeping it toned is perfect. That is for if you are working out, otherwise to most it dosen't matter.

  • TDX official 2 days ago

    Girl prafar for C because he had iPhone in the handles. But I am like more muscles D…….

  • Abdul Rahman 2 days ago

    would you take money for 90 days transformation