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Welcome back to my channel :’)

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  • Dyeshikey Roberts 3 weeks ago

    How often did you workout in a week and how many hours did you do at the gym in one day?

  • Aurora BG 3 weeks ago

    I just love the way you did this freaking video. It informs us very well, especially for us girls that are trying to lose weight. Thanks alot Liz

  • Ari Santi 3 weeks ago

    how long did you do?

  • Amyyy 3 weeks ago

    When I go to the gym I only do cardio. I put the speed on 6.0 and run for 2 songs. Every time I see a girl with a flat and thin waist I immediately wanna go to the gym. Everything else is p good tho I want smaller thighs as well. I love this vid, makes me wanna work out! Thanks for this

  • Rhome Keliiwaiwaiole 3 weeks ago

    Aloha I love your transformation and your look sexy and hot just sending some love from Hawai'i…. Keep up the good work….. Aloha

  • Jessie BEE 3 weeks ago

    How long did you walk on incline on the treadmill when you first started and yes please tell me how you are… I’m subscribing now!

  • Sierra Barrett 3 weeks ago

    You look AMAZING!! Girl yess! I need to lose about the same and now I’m excited af woooo!

  • stefanyvlogs 3 weeks ago

    wow me gusto me motivas

  • June2227 3 weeks ago

    This is so helpful ❤

  • Nayani Gordon 3 weeks ago

    What was your diet?? Eating is my only enemy right now

  • Taneshia Brown 3 weeks ago

    Nice gym what's the name of it ?

  • Señorita Yum Yum 3 weeks ago

    Wait. Your stomach went from the front to the back? Is that the same person on the thumb nail?

  • Yumi Jaimes 3 weeks ago

    What do you eat to loose weight?

  • evelyn lovee 3 weeks ago

    Do a vlog so we can see a day in your life working out and your meals ☺️

  • juicy freak 3 weeks ago

    Wow any guy That ever talked shit about u is probably flooded in your dms