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Weight-Loss Tips That You Can Actually Stick To

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Fruits and vegetables flat icons set. Vector icons, vector illustrations
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Pure Drinking Water in Refrigerator
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Group of labels showing nutrition facts.
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Pasta, Rice, Peanuts and Mung Beans in Measuring Spoons
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Personal Trainer with woman
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Charming woman with scale celebrating weight loss
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Woman checking her weight on weighing scale at home 4k
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Sportswoman resting after intense fitness training
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Woman blending ingredients to make green smoothie
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Matcha Tea Close-up
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Baked salmon on a plate
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Sprinkles falling onto donut in slow motion
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Women friends enjoying eating cakes in cafe
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People eating a bowl of chips as snackfood at outdoor backyard party
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Delicious smoothie in the bowl with berries and goji
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pizza slice
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adding a olive oil to salad in glass bowl
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Morning breakfast scene: a boy cuts eggs while his parent pours him juice
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Closeup running on treadmill
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Woman working out her arms at gym with weights
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Closeup view of caucasian female boxer hitting the boxing bag with her hands in gloves in the gym with smoke. Tough power training of a female kickboxer
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Group Of Friends Enjoying Meal In Restaurant Shot On R3D
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Friends laugh, drink beer and cocktails while having a good time together at a bar.
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Businessman checking his handwritten to-do list making new notes and reminders
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Girl picking item from Vending Machine
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Nuts and dried fruits in bulk
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green pistachios in container
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Buying green apples at the store
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Pouring clear water to a plastic bottle
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Cola poured into a glass with ice cubes. Black background. Top view
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Strong Athletic Woman Does Lifts Barbell Bar Over Her Head. She Does Cross Fitness Training Exercises in a Gym.
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Fitness woman working out on core muscles at gym
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pasta falling in weight scale
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Rear View Of Woman Opening Curtains And Looking Out Of Window
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Blonde woman stretching herself
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The end of a hard day
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Fresh Mixed Leaf Salad Rotating
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Wheat grain close-up
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Boy and girl engage in yoga on the nature.
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Attractive fit sporty woman is using a tablet computer in the gym.
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Churning peanut butter, Slow Motion
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Avocado on a wooden board.
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Female Athlete Doing Battle Rope Exercise with Coach
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CLOSE UP: Unrecognizable person throws his sneakers into the sea at sunset
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Aqua perfect white sand beach with waves and clouds
In the Evening Heartbroken Girl Sitting on a Sofa,




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  • Hayley Nitschke 2 weeks ago

    Will you guys do a weight gain one too? That'd be super helpful.

  • Katie Jensen 2 weeks ago

    Watches while eating a cookie

  • Paulina 2 weeks ago

    i like the song

  • H.Cox 2 weeks ago

    this would be so useful if you had idk the same color of text and something besides the annoying music

  • Mahissimo 2 weeks ago

    Cool video. Most important: Don't think about it and make it more complicated than it is. I know that it could be more efficient, but this is how I've lost almost 60 lb.:

    1. Do the maths! Take the calories that you eat and substract the ones that you lose by activities. Don't worry about eating a burger, but of course a burger gives you more calories than the same amount of salad. You don't have to work out, but running a mile is better than taking the escalator. Just look what's right for you. Eat less or move more. The more you move the more you can eat.

    2. It's all about drinking! This was my biggest mistake. But a bottle of coke gives you as much calories as a small meal. So I switched to drink water and diet coke. If you drink no calories, you can eat more! And diet coke tastes better after a while, believe me. Also if you like juices, mix them 1:1 with sparkling water.

    3. This last one is maybe the best (?) Take breaks between your meals. I eat three times a times, nothing inbetween. Or to be more precisely: nothing that contains carbohydrates (sugar, flour, …) Nobody tells you, not even this video. Your body can't lose weight when your blood sugar is high. So take your breakfast and eat nothing for 4-5 hours. Then lunch, 4-5 hours break, then diner. The body needs this time to take care of the nutrition and start to go for its own reserves. If you're really hungry in these gaps, avoid carbohydrates. Even if you change nothing at all, eat the same amount, you will lose weight (or gain less…) if you eat it in longer intervals.

    And don't forget: You don't need to lose weight in weeks or months. It took you years to gain it, so be patient.

  • Саша Графский 2 weeks ago

    Hello people. Really nice video about weight loss tips. I Think everyone can find what is the best for him. Actuall any diet and tips can help people. The question is Do people follow all the steps the diet tips consist. Actually i want to share with you how i did it in 2017 and still losing weight fast. Here is the information you need to know –

  • ANZEELA AMIR 2 weeks ago

    Yeah right

  • NooCcoment 2 weeks ago

    To someone who made this video:
    Quality of the texts is… lets say not good. It is hard to read them because of the different colours, sizes and backgrounds.
    At least for me…

  • jaylord platero 2 weeks ago

    Think i have to work harder thanks for the motivation keep it up… this is what i'm using right now

  • Aji Prihastono 2 weeks ago

    thats just too many tips

  • awesome Sauce 2 weeks ago

    I put chips, donuts and basically all junk food off limits, no temptations yet and it’s actually easier than I thought

  • Habits Of The Healthy Live A Life Of Health 2 weeks ago

    Great video – Thank you. I believe Mindset and Consistency are the key to a successful weight loss program. Please get my free report here!

  • Henry Winterburn 2 weeks ago

    I've not had much luck with many diets or exercise plans. I may lose some weight for a short time but it never last. That was until I discovered red tea. Its been working wonders for my weight loss and general well-being. There is a 60 day money back guarantee if you are interested.

  • Daniel Villanueva 2 weeks ago

    well weight loss is just about self discipline and by adding it as a daily routine with just only a few time.. pls. check this link below:
    It. really helps me with my weight problem..

  • Sorayah Woods 2 weeks ago

    “Weight loss tips” yet at the start of the video there is a KFC add HELP