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It’s been exactly one year since we first discovered the MIRACLES of acupuncture therapy and we’ve been looking for excuses to do it again ever since.

Our time has come…but now the needles are going in our FACE!! (wait, what?)

Okay, we’ve all thought about getting botox at least once in our life…but for those of us who don’t want to make that sort of commitment – there’s an alternative! It’s called “Facial Acupuncture” and yes, it is EXACTLY what it sounds like. (Shout-out to Eastern Medicine, woop woop!)

Erin & Lily visit the amazing Dr. Romy to become human pincushions once again and try out this strange (but rejuvenating) cosmetic treatment.

Would you ever get a facial acupuncture?? Have you had a crazy acupuncture therapy experience?! Tell us below!

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  • Amaya Papaya 3 weeks ago

    When I was four a guy legit walked into the bank with hundreds of those on his back. I was so confused back then I thought he had super powers or he needed help. I was so sacred that I wanted to run out of the bank! I'm now laughing so hard!

  • jessica zhang 3 weeks ago

    I feel the pain more than u probably

  • Sierra Serna 3 weeks ago

    I love it because after some of the treatments they seem high

  • Sarah Okayyy 3 weeks ago

    Anyone thinking about kung-fu panda ???
    No?… ok I’ll just go

  • Yeraz Khaligian 3 weeks ago

    I LOVE acupunture

  • Noa Shinar 3 weeks ago

    where are the phans who knew exactly what a glabella was?

  • Katheryn Hennis 3 weeks ago

    Ugh… Why does LA and Hollywood brainwash everyone into thinking our skin is supposed to look like plastic? Your skin is SUPPOSED to crease when you scrunch your face!!!!!!! It totally bums me out to hear girls in their 20s talking about needing Botox.

  • Sophie Jorgenson 3 weeks ago

    They should name the videos with the clue that they get

  • Prachi Kalra 3 weeks ago

    erin is the prettiest person I have EVER seen idk why she asked the acupuncture girl to smack on another face like I would want to have a face like hers you know what I mean

  • Zoe Sanders 3 weeks ago

    I would never be able to do this

  • C Smith 3 weeks ago

    Lily looks SOOOO good with long hair !

  • kike mora 3 weeks ago

    Love you guys ❤️

  • Sloane Vlogs 3 weeks ago

    Glowing goals

  • Dermarolling facial!

  • Derek Kildall 3 weeks ago

    They are so gorgeous, I SWEAR!

  • bethlovesmakeup 3 weeks ago

    Maybe its just me but Erin looks like “omg this is bs” the whole time lily’s getting it done and the acupunture lady is talking

  • Desiree Collins 3 weeks ago

    Dr. Romy- "Lily did you feel it?"
    Lily- "No?"

  • _Bridgeysnake _ 3 weeks ago

    She said they are at least 25mins away but it takes me 30mins to go anywhere

  • Ishani .S 3 weeks ago

    Umm where's that hot guy that did acupuncture on ya last time, was hoping to get some eye candy

  • Suzi Higgins 3 weeks ago

    Get Botox!!

  • Ruthann Thompson 3 weeks ago

    you should focus on tighening up that Vag instead of your double chin babe

  • TheOtherSideOfAlex 3 weeks ago

    honestly you guys do look glowy after

  • Scott K. 3 weeks ago

    Lily has been looking crazy fabulous recently.

  • Mata Rose 3 weeks ago

    Please please, put the clue as the title of the video, we'd love to guess as well :)

  • Lauren Fooks 3 weeks ago

    Lily is looking gorgeous and Erin is looking amazing

  • Marlon b 3 weeks ago

    Microrolling/ microneedling!!!!

  • Alyse Neirbo 3 weeks ago

    A lack of jaw

  • gemstar 2 3 weeks ago

    I feel your saggy eyelid pain! Need a Beauty Break on trying the tricks to avoid/fix these. I assume they won't work but would be good to know ha

  • Dr Shaarad Singh 3 weeks ago

    Got a crush on Lilly