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Quit spending your money, on things that only work, in addition to the cosmetic procedures done.
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  • Damn we love you Tina you always tell it like it is

  • Lashanda Steele 3 months ago

    How long has it's been since you're worked as a nurse, I'm thinking about going in to nursing .

  • CaramelDiva7 3 months ago

    Once again, thanks for your excellent advices.

  • CaramelDiva7 3 months ago

    Tiny, you're hilarious when you're describing the butt injection: "Little Donkeys!…My Little Pony!"

  • gen murrai 3 months ago

    Auntie bless you for knowledge

  • TayUberATL 3 months ago

    facts I follow Rasheeda from LHHA and she's promoting tummy tea, but she does work out faithfully

  • TayUberATL 3 months ago

    they are very pretentious here in ATLANTA too @1sexytina1

  • Cindys Kitchen 3 months ago

    Love your videos as always girl!!!xoxoxo

  • MsExcite1 3 months ago

    Great video…..these videos are much needed! Thanks Tina!

  • Angela Challow 3 months ago

    Yep the playing field is uneven from a normal/basic point of view. So glad that you let folks know about the land of "Utopia"! If you got it $$$ , you got it~I see it coming at you, make sure that you hold me a ticket~"Tell'em Tina" is the name of your national talk show~I really enjoy you & Mrs.CCain's informative straight-up advice on every generational level.(you have me rolling unicorn buts,eyebrows that look like apostrophes,exclamation points,upside down emoji smiles) Virgos do it better!

  • Debra Williams 3 months ago

    No lie! I live in the ATL and that's just what it is. You hit it on a nail.

  • Cassandra Singletary 3 months ago

    Hey little sister love the true I was about to buy that tea shit but I did buy a waist trainer shit I a
    m 300 trying to work on my health again thanks for the true going back to weight watchers at 53 it's time to keep it real.

  • Tee Flyy 3 months ago


  • montecella daniels 3 months ago

    Ha ha!!! Shut yo ass UP!!! Ahhhhh Haaaaa!!

  • montecella daniels 3 months ago


  • Telva mua 3 months ago

    What happened to the blac chyna video?

  • Monya Harria 3 months ago

    Totally agree

  • Bevely Douglas 3 months ago

    Tina what about the Garcinia Cambodia zt is really the truth?

  • shanda Williams 3 months ago

    Hey Tina, when I tell you, you are everything. You are and I love you for that. i look forward to listening and watching you because you keep me movitated. keep doing what you are doing. I love you and thanks for everything.

  • dolli smith 3 months ago

    I've lost over 100 lbs…and I just got back on my journey after gaining some….I know damn well ain't no tea getting ready to give me a flat stomach. You are dropping pure knowledge.

  • The Wilson Family Vlog 3 months ago

    Thats exactly what I thought was being done with celebrities and thats one of the reasons I stopped selling that tea because once I REALLY peeped game on it…. I just couldn't beg or lie to people about actual results etc., its just not how I get down so I thank you for speaking the truth about all this! #youalwayskeepitreal #truth

  • Princess GiGi 3 months ago

    Those bras are gonna sweat right off them chicks Tittie's this Summer. I BEEN TRYNA TELL EM AUNTIE. SMH

  • Alvenia S. Jaggers 3 months ago

    The realest!

  • Jane Doe 3 months ago

    damn right i would get shit done if i had the money breast lift lipo veneers i ain't mad at ya Tina do you girl

  • Ladyk 3 months ago

    Is liposuction a dangerous procedure Tina?

  • Shellie Williams 3 months ago

    Instagram Endorsements Hoes at its finest,,,,,,