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So I’ve been seeing these beauty hack videos all over facebook, and they always seem so incredibly strange that I decided to test a bunch of them out and see how they were! We tried a few out from different facebook pages and ended up with basically a full face of makeup hacks!

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Assistant Editor: Claire Wiley

Mind The Gap
Those Gypsy Girls
Yiddisher Kop
East Meets Beats
Swing N Tonic
Dance Of The Cygnets
Bank Job
Daddy Cool
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  • Safiya Nygaard 1 week ago

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! happy friday! hope this video brings a little extra silliness and… hairiness… to your weekend! what was the best hack in your opinion??

  • Laylah Foriest 1 week ago

    You have full filled eyebrows you don’t need to do your eyebrows because you are beautiful the way you are

  • Cait Larnerd 1 week ago

    I appreciate the friends reference

  • Avery Elizabeth 1 week ago

    You should go to the Mall Of America and try to visit every store!

  • Myla's Life 1 week ago

    Oily skin hacks set your primer with setting powder

  • iamallamaninja 1 week ago

    The liner hack wasn’t….eye-deal

  • uyiiko 1 week ago

    youve got a fork on ya face
    how bout that

  • K Fly 1 week ago

    I think she used panty liners not pads just btw that’s why they were thinner and stuck.

  • Katie Nicole 1 week ago

    She used panty liners, not pads.

  • Grace Abbott 1 week ago

    just an fyi she is using a panty liner which is wayyy thinner than a pad (and cheaper). It works exactly the same as a shadow shield and is way cheaper.

  • Tessica Carter 1 week ago

    Lol they are not using pads. They are using pantie liners which of course are thiner and cheaper. Still silly. But just saying

  • LotsOfRandomStuff 101 1 week ago

    You should do your normal makeup routine and for each step look for a hack for it. And go out like it. Just a thought

  • Kamina Virastranoae 1 week ago

    Ok but your eyeshadow looked phenomenal and I loved it

  • BeachTeamBritt 1 week ago

    She used a panty liner not a pad

  • Emma H. 1 week ago

    Me in 2018:
    Life: “Are you sure that’s how you want to do it?”
    Me: “No I am not sure.”

  • Leiko Fletcher 1 week ago


  • Rowan Johnson 1 week ago

    I think the reason the pad under the eye didn’t work was because I think she used a panty liner

  • Claudia Vélez 1 week ago

    first of all
    It wasn't a pad… it was a panty liner

  • coolcat Ali 1 week ago

    well I've heard that toothpaste is good for spots but I don't know why they put in baking soda and it didn't look like they had any spots

  • Alexis Fivie 1 week ago

    You should see if Cristine wants your lip peely for her peely bag. I mean, peel porn is peel porn, right?

  • Louise C-M 1 week ago

    The 'pads' should have actually been pantyliners – not designed for menstruation, but for heavy discharge. (Still quite expensive though.) Interesting vid.

  • Ryweepoo 1 week ago

    HEWWO Cora loves glam made a video where she tried 2 look like you!!!!! She is luvs u! So do I!! ❤❤