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Watch Meghan & Lily turn Joslyn into Elf on the Shelf! ►►


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From torturing our coworkers to buying used makeup on Ebay… Lily & Joslyn are looking back at some of the funniest, weirdest, and most memorable Beauty Break moments of 2017!

What did we forget? Please comment your favorite Clevver Style moment of 2017 below!!

(PSST, by the way…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!)


Here’s all the episodes we mentioned!

FULL Body of the BUBBLE Face Mask ►
Things We Bought on Amazon Prime Day ►
Random Clothes We Bought Online?! ►
We Got Sold USED KKW Makeup off Ebay?! ►
Using Powdered Hair on Sound Guy ►
Full Head of Glitter CHALLENGE ►
‘IT’ Pennywise Halloween Makeup Tutorial Fail ►
Our Faces Tattooed on Our Coworker ►


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  • alice tisme 2 weeks ago

    5,4, and now 2? Lol and you corrected joselyne

  • Cat Winslow 2 weeks ago

    You should do a foodie trippin where you drive around and test different weird restaurants so like beauty trippin but food

  • Ashlynne Frye 2 weeks ago

    So I might’ve had joslyn as a clown as my lock screen for 1 month :)

  • Janelle Rivera 2 weeks ago

    Lily looks so cute

  • Carolyn Frankly 2 weeks ago

    I think Lily(lilly?) should get some fun wigs in beauty trippin or somethin

  • Lydia Mervar 2 weeks ago

    I spent all day yesterday watching all the beauty break episodes. I have been a fan for a LONG time. I think the first episode I found from you guys, was the fish pedicures. Then a couple days later my friends came over and we watched the “how to get a bigger butt” episode with Dana. We were laughing so hard. We even tried to invent something else, by sticking tennis balls in our back pockets!!!

  • emma mcguire 2 weeks ago

    cleRVver, a clevver cross country month long beauty trippin. lily, joslyn, erin, drew, viv, and everyone else. 2018.

  • Alyssa 2 weeks ago

    Do an episode buying stuff from Wish! It takes like a month to receive your item so you should totally do it!!!

  • Rowan Meadus 2 weeks ago

    Lilly looks beautiful in this video

  • Julia Beauty 2 weeks ago

    Lily looks so good

  • Gabriela Dosman 2 weeks ago

    What about when the stickers stained Megan’s face

  • Madelaine Reay 2 weeks ago

    you look sooo cute

  • Micro blade sound guy

  • Amellia Ollis 2 weeks ago

    Ooooo I have one better face painting I don't mean to be mean

  • Chlo Chlo Bear 2 weeks ago

    Oh I loved the glitter hair

  • Kenneth Morgan 2 weeks ago

    How do you do the service thing

  • Sofia A1124 2 weeks ago

    Lily for president

  • PhoneyMikey 2 weeks ago

    You guys are the best…

  • Grace Biondo 2 weeks ago

    "lily and I don't actually know anything about makeup" its ok just like me and soccer, but now I'm the MVP lol keep up the work

  • Roslyn Marrero 2 weeks ago

    I TRIED do the the survey thing I added the email to the email contacts and i haven’t gotten anything

  • Sunny5MA 2 weeks ago

    Can u bring back throwback? Can that be a ny resolution pls? :(

  • Giovanni castro 2 weeks ago

    I love you more that i can handle

  • Priya Watkinson 2 weeks ago

    still can't get over HOW GOOD LILY'S HAIR LOOKS

  • Trirupa Hegde 2 weeks ago

    Does anyone else want Cristine as a guest on this show as much as I do? Beauty Break with Simplynailogical… OMG! Sarcasm and craziness overload!

  • Esmeralda Campos 2 weeks ago

    beauty trippin: getting tattoos

  • Beautylol 2 weeks ago

    Omg you guys should buy a mystery box from eBay and open it and see what you get!!! Like if you agree

  • Cristina Dolores Garrido 2 weeks ago

    Your resolutions should be to continue being yourselves, because you two are hilarious and beautiful and amazing.

  • Sea Salt 2 weeks ago

    You guys should go to cobbo!

  • Jenna Stone 2 weeks ago

    I found you guys because of you Mr Kate apartment makeover. I love love love your craziness! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for 2017. Since I’m a newbie not sure what all you’ve done yet…but have guys tried one of those group paint classes? Just seems like it would be hilarious.