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  • ercokat1965 1 week ago

    I think I might be the Karen sponsor? OMG, deceptively hard! My arms are shaking! I almost made it with the reverse plank hold; I collapsed with 5 secs to go! Next time!!!

  • Karen D 1 week ago

    Love love loved this ! Tone slim and sculpt screamed at me and I'm so glad I did this one – very different moves for me oh yeah tho – they're called soles

  • L Anderson 1 week ago

    Just when I thought I was making progress in making my ab/core area stronger, you come along with this workout Pahla. This workout was challenging for me. I realized my ab/core area is more like a bowl of jello. I decided to your 20 minute Beginner CORE + More on the Floor workout after this workout. My grief basket is getting fuller! Thank you Miss Pahla!

  • Brenda Varon Newton 1 week ago

    Loved it! Thanks Pahla!

  • Samantha G 1 week ago

    This was an awesome workout! I was sooooooo sweaty!! I love the low (or no) impact! Thank you!

  • Micah V 1 week ago

    Keep them coming! Love these