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The Most Common Weight Loss Myths

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Remedy Private Screening
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Medical Doctor Mechanical Scale
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Female hands assess the waist in the presence of excess weight
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Woman has a vegetable diet
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Young woman recording weight loss on scale
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Healing Light
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Red and white blood cells
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Stressful woman on electronic scale
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Vegetable diet nutrition and medication concept. Nutritionist offers healthy vegetables diet.
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Tubby man eating pizza and looking at his fitness trainer
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  • Mac_ Kenzee 2 weeks ago

    I only drink milk and water this has been going on for a year + now and omg people give me the dirtiest look when they offer me soda and I reply no thank you.

  • Maggie Pearson 2 weeks ago

    ending you only positive vibes, love your work!

  • Candice Thompson 2 weeks ago

    Oh yeah, love this!

  • Jace Life 2 weeks ago

    Mako mako mahalin mo ulit ako please, patawarin mo ko please please please. Mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal kita please mako balik ka na please

  • Omar Nouradi 2 weeks ago

    Finally a decent video.

  • No Name 2 weeks ago

    I’m just here eating like
    I don’t care about my weigh because there is no going back now.

  • Health&Fitness Superior 2 weeks ago

    Nice video!

  • Olivia Howlter 2 weeks ago

    Rowing? Easy? Fun? NO

  • Rei8160 2 weeks ago

    Okay, 36 seconds into the video, you only show women who are bigger. What about the skinny girls who wish that they were not this small.? What about the fit girls? Body positivity is not just for people, and it is more specifically geared towards women, who are overweight. That is simply glorifying being overweight and shaming women who are NATURALLY smaller than they are and shaming them for being the way that they have been all of their lives.

  • Kimyona Chan 2 weeks ago

    I’m sorry but fat shaming isn’t the only body shaming there is buzzfeed, there’s also skinny shaming.

  • super_sad 2 weeks ago

    You should lose weight and the scale is a lie are not myths, if your weight is harmful to your health, guess what? you should lose weight if your BMI is below 18, you should gain weight as it can cause health issues to be underweight and if your BMI is over 25 you should lose weight as it can cause health issues. It's not a hard system to figure out.

  • Chemseddine Addad 2 weeks ago

    youtubers, I have create a page facebook for you , i put daily 10 videos : weight loss tips , loss fat dietting, weight loss stories and more : facebook-com/weightlossvideofast . (Make a point between facebook and com) don't follow if you did not like it

  • Maria Cecília Dias 2 weeks ago

    Just cuz u weight some doesn’t mean u r fat, it could mean u have great muscles

  • SchneewittchencheN 2 weeks ago

    How to lose weight : eat less than you burn. that´s it.
    How to look great : work out as well

    Also : Don´t eat much less than you burn. A 500 calorie deficit longterm will get you way further than starving yourself. And online calculators are not very reliable to determine your TDEE. I am a short 113lb female and I burn anywhere between 1700 and 2700 calories a day. No online calculator would give me those numbers.

  • Anusha 2 weeks ago

    Swimming- FUN? Please, not if you’re a competitive swimmer

  • Buzzfeed rewritten 2 weeks ago

    “Hey smart BuzzFeed” The guy said that chili helps your metabolism he didn’t say that it helped your diet so read your facts again

  • YizzyLuiz PC TUTORIALS 2 weeks ago

    Good content….I subscribed
    Looking for a safe & fast way to lose weight?


    Worked for me!!!

  • Edward Huang 2 weeks ago

    Eat foods that keep you full meaning high volume but low calories. If you exercise then you need foods that are nutritious as well but if you won’t be exercising then nutrition doesn’t matter I suppose.

  • Sam Bland 2 weeks ago

    Dislike 650

    Today was a good day.

  • Kate James 2 weeks ago

    I have a question; If I drink ONLY water and drink alot of water everyday, and stop eating all sweet things, will I lose weight?

  • foxycat90210 2 weeks ago

    Well, this didn´t tell me anything I didn´t already know…

  • SnowyIsBack 2 weeks ago

    no setting a goal for your self means you will work hard and not be lazy!

  • Unicornkategirl 2 weeks ago

    for me there was an add about stopping watching youtube videos