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This is the edited version of The Mathematics of Weight Loss presented by Ruben Meerman.

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  • Arlette Maotie Bomahou 2 weeks ago

    It's a brilliant presentation and agrees with some of his statement. However saying that to lose weigh all you need to do is to eat less and move more is questionable. I have lost 8 stone in 3 years by actually eating more foods and off course moving more. I train 5 to 6 days a week and eat 6 to 7 meals a day but this is healthy food. He should be more specific and add that eating less processed food, food high in sugar or fast foods and moving more result in losing weight.

  • Jagoda Malina Poziomka-Jeżynka 2 weeks ago

    This talk is just brilliant! I really enjoyed it, but feel obliged to notice that advice 'to eat less' is not fair. To be true it should go – 'eat more fiber and protein, less sugar and move more' and that would be enough, anybody needs to know about dieting.

  • hiromu yohji 2 weeks ago

    Pure ignorance…

  • Lizz Ziraldo 2 weeks ago

    Brilliant and fascinating! Thanks for explaining this….. so simple!

  • Brian Gerard Schaefer 2 weeks ago

    Thank you Ruben. That was truly BRILLIANT!

  • Johann Moser 2 weeks ago

    I disagree. Whether it's "old" or "new", CO2 is CO2, the molecule is identical. If people and all animals could hold their breath, or more sunlight grew a greater number of plants, or we stopped burning fuel, any of these things would change the amount of CO2. So it comes down to practicability–which of these things could actually be done? Well, I for one am not holding my breath for an answer.

  • Para sis 2 weeks ago

    most of the mass of a tree comes from the air

  • L UPT 2 weeks ago

    I'm a personal trainer and this dude is right

  • apibiri 2 weeks ago

    how to not being able to see beyond a formula and throwing bullshits just because protected by a physic degree

  • Bubu Bau 2 weeks ago

    I like fried egg with cheese and toast…. and sometimes avocado

  • Derek Savard 2 weeks ago

    This is very interesting talk and I really appreciate how the engaging it was.

  • Condyland 2 weeks ago

    At first, I thought he was Hugh jackman. Lol.

  • cameron bolten 2 weeks ago

    Simply complicated

  • Greg Dowson 2 weeks ago

    " I dont think I need to introduce myself do I" wtf, not everyone in the world knows who you are cobber