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  • Remington James 2 weeks ago

    Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video! Quick Disclaimer: If you are already fairly lean & are currently weight training then this diet would definitely need some adjustments as you most likely have a faster metabolism & aren't facing any insulin resistance issues. If your primary goal is weight loss & you have 30+ pounds you want to lose then this should be a good starting point. Keep in mind that EVERYONE is different & we all have unique nutritional needs so a 105 lb girl eating 2200 calories a day is the exception, not the norm. As with anything you should always experiment first & see what works best for your body. Much Love Everybody ❤️

  • OdeToAcuity 2 weeks ago

    This looks so easy! Thanks!

  • Kayla Muldoon 2 weeks ago

    I enjoy your videos and would like more for females, please.

  • Kylee Damo 2 weeks ago

    Hey! I just had a quick question… Can I make these meals at least 4-5 days in advance? Or do I make one day’s worth of meals each day? Thanks

  • Carla Ortiz 2 weeks ago

    Do way more I love this

  • Stephany Hernandez 2 weeks ago

    YESSSS Please make more for ladies ! I’m just getting started on my fitness journey and I want to loose weight and tone up so if any advice is given I’ll deff watch !!! Thank you !!!! You’re a big help on my meal prep ideas

  • Francisca Lopez 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for thinking of us!

  • Rachel Byers 2 weeks ago

    New sub here! Love your channel! What macros do you recommend for a woman going on keto, needing to shred down and lose body fat? I currently lift 4 times a week and do HIIT 3 times a week

  • Diana Tarin 2 weeks ago

    Such a helpful video!! Thank you

  • Lakeshia Butler 2 weeks ago

    I had to pause it so that I can say…. Finally, thank you for acknowledging the ones of us that don't and can't eat eggs and suggesting several alternatives!!!! . I wish I could give you 500 thumbs up!!!!

  • Miss VictoriaLynn 2 weeks ago

    1200 calories~!? so lowwww!

  • Sabrina Garcia 2 weeks ago

    WOW THANK U SM !!!! I learned a lot !! Most def gonna try this out

  • Mike Cola 2 weeks ago

    One of the most universal factors to most successful weight loss diets is eating foods with a high nutrient density. It's the cornerstone to what makes a diet work. What are nutrient dense foods? Foods that have a high nutritional content per calorie are nutritionally dense. Most nutrient dense foods include: vegetables, lean meat, fish and poultry, eggs, avocado and fresh vegetable juice

  • BarbellBeautyXO 2 weeks ago

    Thankyou for all the great content. Love your videos so much. Keep it up!!!!

  • B's Through Thick And Thin Journey 2 weeks ago

    This was perfect. I've been searching all weekend for something like this. I've been working out mostly on weights but the scale had not budge. I have lost inches. So I was thinking maybe in not eating the right stuff or not doing enough cardio. This week I will change my game. If you have any helpful tips bring them this way. Thank you

  • barbara leftwich 2 weeks ago

    Hi Remington, great videos. Are the isagenix shakes good for meal replacement weight loss?

  • Laura Allison 2 weeks ago

    Hey Remington, I really enjoy your videos and they are very upbeat. Right now, I am in a wheelchair and homebound because of chronic back pain with 8 herniated discs. My pain management specialist put me on a medication that made me tired, sleepy, and craving food and sugar like it was going out of style! I wanted to eat ten Thanksgiving dinners a day, I was that hungry! I know I'm exaggerating but I will say that I gained a 120 pounds in 7 months!!! So, while I'm exaggerating about the ten Thanksgiving meals a day, I'm not exaggerating about the 120 lbs, in 7 months. I went from a size 4 to a size 22 in 7 months!!!

    I really need help with losing this weight because it's like carrying an extra body on me and with 8 herniated discs. It's impossible to do much of anything. My housekeeper is willing to make meals for me that I can pull out of the refrigerator or freezer, since it's hard for me to stand up or sit long enough to make food.

    Would you be willing to work with me to help me lose this 120 lb? I would really appreciate it very much. I'm very discouraged about the weight gain and being immobile, at the present moment. I went from weighing 126 lbs 36-22-36 to looking like a linebacker! People that I used to know before don't even recognize me now except for my voice. That's so humiliating and embarrassing that it's hard when I meet people and they hear my voice but they don't recognize me.

    I'm working with PT & OT and reading up on Dr. Eric Goodman's Foundation Training book. Chris Hemsworth and Lance Armstrong are big fans.

    I'm extremely motivated but very confused by all the different types of diets that are out there and I just need a very simple step-by-step meal prepping program with directions on what to do. One of my biggest challenges right now, is clear cognitive thinking because I'm fighting through chronic back pain and pain killers and it doesn't make it easy to make good decisions or nutritious meals for myself. So, my very sweet housekeeper has offered to prep meals for me, to help me lose weight. Thank you for considering helping me. All the best, Laura

  • valerie marrow 2 weeks ago

    Hi Remington could you make more videos for women. Great video

  • Carla Aubrey 2 weeks ago

    So very helpful, keep these video’s coming! By the way, love your enthusiasm & amazing personality…you rock!!

  • Christina Jimenez 2 weeks ago

    Would I be able to use tuna or salmon instead ? I am a pescatarian but unfortunately I’m allergic to tilapia

  • Jessica Savage 2 weeks ago

    Thank you so much…

  • Amyand Loves 2 weeks ago

    Wow i love this video

  • Kallie T 2 weeks ago

    I love when you do videos for females not a lot of people do and so detailed. You keep me on track! I know this is an older one but I like to go back through and check them out. More videos on female meal plans please!

  • Daiquiriluv 2 weeks ago

    I like this thank you for making a video for us

  • Ashley Siewsankar 2 weeks ago

    omg! so glad i came across this video! def gonna try it out <3

  • Robin Stallings 2 weeks ago

    Loved it, helped a lot. Good to know I don't have to eat every three hours. Do more female videos please!