Added by on October 20, 2017 Dr. Eric Berg DC There are various stages of body types. You don’t just end up one day with a distorted body shape. It happens gradually due to hormone imbalances from your thyroid, liver, adrenal and thyroid. There are lots of symptoms that match the body type.

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  • Gay Leroi 1 month ago

    How effective is Womezon Remedy? We have noticed many amazing things about this ovarian cysts secret remedy.

  • nacardelmar 1 month ago

    What about post menopausic ovary types?

  • Mich Tsomething 1 month ago

    lol "buffalo hump on the back" that couldn't be the medical term for that

  • Theresa White 1 month ago

    Very interesting.  I am going to follow you to educate myself.  shame you are not in the uk otherwise I would book a consultation.  thanks for this generous gift.

  • hankypanky IOI 1 month ago

    Why is there one male vs three females to depict the so called different body types? Does anyone else find this video series really shady?

  • trini fei 1 month ago

    your quiz said i was adrenal but the type didn't match me, from this video ovary is a perfect match

  • SummerDarlingJones 1 month ago

    Dr. Berg, what does a combination of the Adrenal and Ovary types mean? I have the symptoms of Adrenal and Ovary. How would I exercise and eat for this? Thank you.

  • Elisha Castaneda 1 month ago

    Could you post this picture, so we can look at it more closely. Hard to see. Thanks.

  • 10toria19 1 month ago

    Thank you for for posting this informative video online. It's very helpful for all thyroid people to have access to information on line these days. I hope you may more information to your video collection. We as patients, really need more information to help guide our lives. Please consider foods, those supplements and excersize at different ages. Both as a young, midlife and older woman.

  • Tina K.P. 1 month ago

    Would be great to see the backside or profile of these types. I have strange fat accumulation at my back, below my shoulder blades. whenever I lose or gain weight it's always the first that comes and the last that goes. to which type does it belong?

  • mb311 1 month ago

    why is twitching in the left eye an adrenal issue?

  • Wraithbackup 1 month ago

    the liver body type look like shit

  • Mme.Tenebrae 1 month ago

    According to the symptoms and the looks I'm a perfect mixture of all four of them, only the "best" parts of course. Yay. Is that even possible?

  • Barbara Cooke 1 month ago

    Vary informative!

  • southparkpsycho 1 month ago

    nice. thyroid adrenal and liver is my type but irony is i am currently in target weight for my height at 135 pounds and 5 feet 6 inches… but… thing is I am already working on my issues and his system has a lot of things right… you do need to heal your adrenals and thyroid issues to lose weight… I am not using his system… I am working w a AARNP and mainstream physician, went gluten and dairy free after learning I am gluten intolerant and allergic to ALL dairy… and when I eat according to my protein tolerance I weight 130 to 145. When I eat anything I want, I weigh 160 to 180

  • Wishfulthinking Mom 1 month ago

    Got some symptoms of three of the body types; adrenal, thyroid and liver. One of them is supposed to eat more proteins and the others low protein. Still confused, not sure in which category I belong. How can I know for sure?

  • Tomisha Moore 1 month ago

    I have issues in the first 3 areas. It explains a lot. But now your program deals with one body type adrenal thyroid ovary. what about combination bodies i have all 3 according to your chart?

  • Jc Mary 1 month ago

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