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In this video i’ll explain some of the basic theory on how to find out what is the best, most flattering or right haircut for your body type. This doesn’t mean that you cant wear whatever you think is right for you – by all means! embrace and be yourself! I’m just explaining some basic theory I learned along the way. Every body type is beautiful and all this video is meant to do is embrace each and everyones beauty, regardless of their physique.

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  • amanda morena 1 month ago

    Your videos are great. Very knowledgeable.

  • Saffron Sugar 1 month ago

    Sorry, FYI, “volumptuous” is not a word. It sounds like a word relating to volume, but I believe the word you’re looking for is voluptuous (no M) which can mean curvaceous or buxom and some people use it as a kinder term for a larger lady.

  • Teresa Kerr 1 month ago

    You’re so Thorough but that shows the mastery of your work! I’ve been a fan for over two years and I’m so proud of your progress. You’re the most creative and most helpful and you have such a big heart. Keep up the good work!

  • MissDesi 1 month ago

    Your brows look good to me, I like a nice feminine string arch… I myself have a strong arch & constantly receive compliments on my brows.

  • Caitlyn Landry 1 month ago

    The one thing I’d add is that short hair can definitely work and look good/proportionate/grown up on a petite frame (and I know, I know, the point is that these are guidelines and not written in stone). I’m very petite and look younger than I am and bob to shoulder length work best for me and look put together and professional without overwhelming me (definitely agree on the no super long hair, which I dislike anyway). Just my two cents, but good suggestions!

  • Kendall Knaus 1 month ago

    You are gorgeous- and so helpful- thank you!

  • Vivian Pinto 1 month ago

    And if I’m a short person but not petit? Like, a lil chubby or something? Oh, nice video (:

  • daisy vance 1 month ago

    she starts at 2:38

  • Mikayla Vander Kooy 1 month ago

    You are so knowledgeable and I am so thankful for your videos. ❤️

  • Hatch Man Do 1 month ago

    Those drawings made me lmao!

  • Rowyn Oak 1 month ago

    I am so happy that you’re so down to earth. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get through the video because you’d be rather basic. But you’re awesome. Thanks for that.

  • Weezer VanTrout 1 month ago

    You don't have to explain yourself for being beautiful.

  • Summer Britton 1 month ago

    Honestly I think ppl should do what they want with their bodies.

  • HereIAm247 1 month ago

    I am personally grateful for your videos. I am looking to improve my appearance and be more happy with it, and you explain very well how I can do that, and why it works. Others who watch your videos are most likely looking to do the same. If people get offended, it is most likely not your fault.

  • Donna Bowman 1 month ago

    May I ask what color they use on your hair? I've been trying to get someone to get my hair the exact same color, but its always got gold in it… I do pull red tint. I love your hair.

  • Sharon Funnell 1 month ago

    She said that she has had NO surgery on her face but she just said she had botox .(that is surgery)

  • demonsandlords 1 month ago

    I do need to lose weight

  • foureightophotoz foureightophotoz 1 month ago

    Your Beautiful and a Servant to us out here directing us. Ignore those tedious Inspectors

  • Sophie Perrì 1 month ago

    I'm not trying to be hateful or rude in any way but I feel like I should tell you that you honestly looked SO much better before getting your lips done. You are naturally beautiful ! But it's just my opinion and you do as you wish :)

  • misscubic 1 month ago

    people are so offended in 2017 that it makes it so hard for people to give advice without adding 5 mins of disclaimer

  • brandy skarupa 1 month ago

    Can u make a video on how to color ur hair at home correctly if u can

  • Jada Baimbridge 1 month ago

    Since I'm petite does that mean I'm cleared to not plait down my natural hair to wear wigs, because I like the volume but I'm told not to

  • Elaura Sh 1 month ago

    Really wish your videos were more "to the point"….

  • Nina Stone 1 month ago

    I get it.

  • Monitoocrazy 1 month ago

    Love this thanks i was really scared to cut my hair but now I’m really decided!

  • Cudjoe Chick 1 month ago

    why dont you get actual photos of body shapes? Your drawings are not realistic. or draw without clothes or somehing

  • Christine Mulford 1 month ago

    You're gorgeous, never feel the need to explain yourself to anyone. But I gotta say so something that is driving me nuts, it's voluptuous not "volumptuous".

  • Lori Lu 1 month ago

    I just NOW in DECEMBER 2017 ran across this video, you are SPOT ON! I am "voluminous" ;) and whenever i cut my hair at my shoulders as you stated….I get tons of compliments.

  • 3 blond chihuahuas 1 month ago

    Im that volumthingy and short