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My name is Summer,
I began my Journey in 2014 and have been maintaining my 200+lb weight loss since 2015. The next step in my journey will be excess skin removal.


Please check out my GoFundMe. Anything and everything helps.

- I lost this weight completely Naturally through healthy Dietary changes and a very active lifestyle.(NO WL SURGERY)
-I do NOT market any weight loss products for any company.
-I am not YET certified in Fitness/Nutrition therefore, I can not provide personalized meal or workout plans.

If you are on or wanting to begin a Weight loss journey of your or just looking for more fitness Motivation, you are welcome to Join my Group :( also) Day1Million on facebook.

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Feel free to comment with any questions or content you would like to see in my furture vids. :)
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  • Kyri Spriggs 2 weeks ago

    This is an amazing story and I was wondering if you have considered skin removal?

  • Anthony Mcgruder 2 weeks ago

    I salute you. This was very inspirational. You look amazing.

  • Create Seventyeight 2 weeks ago

    Wow. That looks like a lot of hard work and dedication. Fantastic. So fit, toned and glowing.

  • Queenofhearts 22 2 weeks ago

    You are so beautiful outside and inside. It takes true discipline and hard work! I’m on my own journey right now trying to go from 150 to 130.

  • Cris C 2 weeks ago

    that was so inspiring. Good for you. You look amazing.

  • Erica Sanchez 2 weeks ago

    Wow….your story is amazing and very motivating. Thank you for putting yourself out there for others to see and get motivated to do the same. Keep up the incredible work girl!

  • Kitti's Cat 2 weeks ago

    Wow!! It's amazing congrats!

  • kaykay Queenbee 2 weeks ago

    OMG I started to cry I am so proud of you blessing to u and cheers

  • Qui Qui Bolden 2 weeks ago

    I'm going through what u went through I'm 15 since I was younger I was always called fat and at the age I was over weight but not super over weight I was tall and and thick but I started to believe the kids in my school and started to get depressed and went into a over eating habit now I'm 267ibs and all I get through out high school is oh she is pretty for a big girl and I still beat myself down about it but seeing ur video prove to me that u can lose weight without surgery my mom got the gastric sleeve and my sister is getting the gastric bypass it is really making Me feel like I can't do it

  • Olivia Riley 2 weeks ago

    Story is so beautiful. It made me cry. I'm at the rock bottom stage and your story really touched home. I know I can do it.

  • Jacinta Arielle 2 weeks ago

    I literally was crying watching this your such inspiration this shit is not easy and even those closest to you dont know how you really feel about yourself I hope i can take the next year and change my life as well…. you look gorgeous

  • Kala Thomas 2 weeks ago