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Hey guys!
Got a lil emo at the end because I HATE to see any body bashing. I’ve been there and its a dark place to be in. Stop worrying and live your life. Be grateful that your body takes all those negative comments you throw at it yet it still heals your broken bones, it fights the flu and keeps you alive.

I listed some celebs in this video because I think these women break the fashion rules and carry what they wear with confidence. You can see what silhouettes are hits and misses for them to inspire your own wardrobe. Make them your guinea pig and borrow styles you see them wearing that maybe you were afraid to try.
In this blog post you can find some “real girl” style blogger who I think are killin’ it!

How to find your Personal Style:

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Thank you guys so much for watching!!

If you guys have any questions feel free to comment below or get in touch w/ me



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  • Susan Schafer 3 months ago

    I really love what you said at the end of the video – well, the entire video really. But especially what you said at the end. You're so sweet – and so right on! Xox, SueT

  • kawaii NA 3 months ago

    I don't have a but that's what my mom said but u see that u have a decent one it's just that when i wear a jeans and tuck in a tshirt or smth my shape doesn't feel right like the curves are not on point almost flat in the hip area and i can't tuck in anything now cause it enhance the ugly hip that i have help plzz

  • Anusis Aman 3 months ago

    You are an angel! If I had cash I would hire you in a minute! ❤️

  • Lookmai Serena 3 months ago

    You are like a sister who guides and helps in grooming to be a fair lady with style. Thank you for making these videos. Really appreciate your effort. Love :) )

  • sinny 3 months ago

    your title says "best way to dress for your body type" but the only real advice you gave was to get clothes tailored. i was expecting this video to be a lot more informative.

  • Mrs. Stlinski 3 months ago

    Lucy Hale and Selena Gomez ' s child?
    I don't like comparing people to others but I'm sorry I had to.
    Also I needed this video thank you b I've been looking at something like this for a long time I also really appreciate how you cleared up the fact that fashion is a way to express one's self.

  • Min Yoongi 3 months ago

    What's wrong about those drawings in the thumbnail is that bigger women don't have chicken legs or slim arms.

  • Hafsa Uddin 3 months ago

    Shout out to your beautiful eyebrows

  • O Que Sou 3 months ago

    I found your channel recently and i'm loving it. I'm so happy now to know your channel i really enjoy and learn something in every video!!

  • Apphia Shohe 3 months ago

    You do look like Becky G? Gosh! Youre sooo pretty though❤️❤️ Love love love your channel❤️❤️

  • piliandrea 142 3 months ago

    Me encantó el inciso que hiciste sobre no comparar nuestros cuerpos "normales" con los d las famosas que tienen todo tipo de entrenadores y nutricionistas, gracias por contribuir a querernos como somos. Ya tienes una nueva suscriptora✌

  • Corinne Coleiro 3 months ago

    Love love love your channel, especially this series. Am so happy I bumped into your youtube! Obsessed <3

  • Cecily Plum 3 months ago

    With the tailoring thing: if you're looking at being between sizes, try to find something that's bigger, BUT not all measurements are adjustable. Shoulder width and shoulder circumference (armhole) for example of two measurements, are very hard to alter without dismantling and re-cutting, which is almost impossible as resizing those parts may require fabric that's already been removed in the original cutting, and different sizes are cut a different angles to ensure the garment lays flat against the body. So do please bear that in mind, tailors are wonderful human beings, but they're unfortunately not magicians. If the fabric isn't there to work with, or it's an intensely complex garment, not only may the alteration be impossible, but if it is it will be incredibly expensive.

  • Justyna 3 months ago

    selena is not that short actually, she's like 5'5''. I'm 5'6'' and i dont know what you would label me haha

  • Rachel Merrill-Hoosick 3 months ago

    When you do videos on giving advice, may help to put down a tittle on each thing you are talking about. Put them in the corner so the viewer could see what number of topic you ate in. Just a little subjection

  • Nhat Hoang 3 months ago

    Have you ever thought of having viewers submit photos and have you suggest a few piece of clothing/style ideas? Kind of like how photographer channels critique viewer-submitted photos :) I think it'll be cool to see style tips applied on some real bodies! Love your channel!

  • Šime Šegota 3 months ago

    Just discovered your channel and your inspiring videos! I love love love every second of it, I have a huge, like ENORMOUS problem with my style, and you answered half of my questions by only one video! Good job girl, you got my support

  • GeriBerry 3 months ago

    I do believe in color matching skin tone. Bc I can tell you warm skin looks awful on light orange :(

  • Miracle Kalonga 3 months ago

    I'm 14 years and I'm tall (5 ft 8) & curvy and it's so hard for me to look for clothing I like to suit my lifestyle and my personal style. My lifestyle suits casual clothes but I have a classier style and it's hard to find clothing that suits both, especially with my body shape.

  • Alani Claire 3 months ago

    Love this!!!

  • Alexandra Manalansan 3 months ago

    Just bumped into your channel and im so happy that i did. New subsciber here from Philippines. I would defenitely watch all of your videos. It will surely help me a lot.

  • Celine 3 months ago

    My body actually looks almost exactly like Ashley Grahams one but I have a problem: I'm just 13 years old so it's hard to compare myself to someone in their thirties :/ I also have a really long torso but in comparison to that short legs, what lets them look bigger (My legs are my problem zone)

    Can anybody help me? Would be extremely nice!