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6 Common Exercises That Damage Shoulders, Elbows & Knees
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  • Andreas Münzer 2 weeks ago

    Can you do a review of Alan Roberts from every damn day fitness? Is he legit?

  • SMViking 2 weeks ago


  • INS-3RD -LAW 2 weeks ago

    It is a little like the movies, used to be, eventually it comes back to the start again, and you could stay in all
    night or day, and you know the whole movie, and on the way home you would say ''I loved this bit or that bit

  • Rekopaa 2 weeks ago

    Jason could you do a video where you judge famous actor's physiques like a bodybuilding judge? Henry Cavill in Superman, Brad Pitt, and Ryan Gosling would be good starts.

  • Boss Baby 2 weeks ago

    I've learned to become more of a minimalist as ive gotten more experienced. I still do curls and tricep work, but they are done around the big lifts if at all. It minimizes injury risk and you get stronger that way by saving energy and less taxing on your central nervous system.

  • Smoo7hy 2 weeks ago

    less affluent areas have tons of people using and abusing gear.

    affluent gym does not have a single person on something.

    what ive noticed

  • enrique 2 weeks ago

    well lets be honest, yes people are training more for strength but a lot of it is also looking good.  they want to be strong and look good. if youre fat and strong its not to attractive.  and girls usually always focus on legs, squats, deadlifts, lunges etc etc

  • death troll 2 weeks ago

    CrossFit is evolving. It's much more common to do a strength program concurrently like 5/3/1 (it can be low volume) along with CrossFit. This is partially due to the CrossFit as marketed is a daily class. You can't program everything in 3-5 days per week for 1 hour per day. The other part is that you can plateau early. CrossFit is fine if you don't come in with a strength background since you will make consistent gains. But once you get past that, the strength gains slow significantly and you need to do additional outside work. The same thing happens if you're skilled in other areas like gymnastics and you want to progress.

    CrossFit also uses a fair amount of dumbbells and even programs curls occasionally, but mostly various presses, rows, and snatches. Bench press is also programmed, but it's infrequent.

    The physique of CrossFitters has a tendency to get some flack. The women still get told they are too big (by other women) even when they agree that they look good. Both men and women get flack due to a high BMI. The top game athletes have a BMI in the 28-30 range and are very athletic. Last year's games winner had a BMI of 30 for competition. People hear a number and automatically assume you a slob.

  • first last 2 weeks ago

    who is the girl in the thumbnail?

  • J Patrick 2 weeks ago

    Ronnie Coleman loved the powerlifts! GOAT!

  • jacek cieniuch 2 weeks ago

    Boring , lets do the botty warrer Plasese jay?

  • Iam Krepo 2 weeks ago

    Very informative coach

  • bigmetalclaws 2 weeks ago

    To add onto the conversation, even Larry Wheels (a powerlifting prodigy) is doing insane amounts of volume on the big compound lifts training for his first bodybuilding show.

  • Mike Bero 2 weeks ago

    How is Jerry Ward going to work out if gyms ditch cables and machines?

  • K Yo FitCoach 2 weeks ago

    Greatvideo jb

  • mandeep v 2 weeks ago

    Hi JB. Can you do a video on the principles of accommodation for cardio. For liss and hitt. I must have bad genes for lifting and running, because my progression is piss poor. Thanks

  • ThaRedPitbull-Mix 2 weeks ago

    Jason don't be like those other assholes. Release the name of that dime piece in the thumbnail. Is that anllela sagra?

  • oak mitchell 2 weeks ago

    I'm 44 and got to coach a little late in life,that being said my son's will know the proper way to train.thanks coach your channel is invaluable.

  • abitoftheoldultraviolence 2 weeks ago

    Here’s the reality: the expectations for athletes have risen exponentially over the years. Pretty much all professional field athletes are using some sort of combination of PEDs. Brace yourselves, all you natties. You’re going to look more athletic if you train like an athlete, undoubtedly, but you’re probably not gonna look like an ATHLETE athlete (e.g.Giancarlo Stanton, Mike Trout, JJ Watt, Danielle Hunter, Ezekiel Elliot) unless you’re particularly gifted in the genetics department.

  • Jason Blaha Nut-hugger 2 weeks ago

    Outrageously informative Coath!

  • Darren Peterson 2 weeks ago

    Someone is skinny is the don't use barbells and heavy compounds. Someone who lifts heavy weights and is 160-170 looks a lot diffferent than a person who doesn't lift that is 160-170lb

  • abitoftheoldultraviolence 2 weeks ago

    Women are catching on. Guys are not. Gals understand that Megsquats for example is better to listen to than Jen Selter. Men, uh, they’re mostly not getting it, judging from the subscriber counts that bodybuilding oriented channels have. Pretty cringe, fellas. Pretty goddamned cringe. Wise tf up

  • Ahan Shankwalkar 2 weeks ago

    Hey Jason, should I start wth DUP as a beginner or should I stick with your 5×5 program. Thanks.

  • United Trolls Of America 2 weeks ago

    Jason, what's up with this soft porn thumbnail?