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Stop Making Weight Loss Mistakes! Crash Diets, How to Burn Fat, Health Tips, Fasting

Corrina interviews Dr. Kieran Kuykendall about the most common reasons people can’t lose weight— toxicity, inflammation, hormone imbalance, stress- and how to stop making these mistakes.

Learn how to lose weight and create the healthy, beautiful body you’ve always wanted.

About Dr. Kuykendall: After overcoming his own severe chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, brain fog, pain, insomnia and anxiety, he devoted his life to natural healing. His postdoctoral training includes thousands of hours in the fields of functional medicine, applied kinesiology, cutting edge nutritional interventions and much more.

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  • Nidaa vlogs 2 weeks ago

    Great video I love it…
    Would it be possible to get a T-shirt hung microphone for better and more understandable sound plz.thx

  • Dr. Paul William 2 weeks ago

    Beautiful YT video! Do you play an instrument or sing? Because your voice and your speech comes so fluid and well-pronounced out of you!

  • STAR0SS 2 weeks ago

    What a load of BS, don't listen to these crooks, and if you have any serious health issue go see a real doctor.

  • Bathrezz1 2 weeks ago

    The camera facing up angle is a bit weird

  • Count Pastacreep 2 weeks ago

    He's a chiropractor?   BRRRRP I'm out of here

  • Raciepie 2 weeks ago

    I'm not gonna do a weird diet I'm just gonna eat less chocolate and cake (I eat a lot of sweets)

  • Sagar Thakkar 2 weeks ago

    I have fedrck ataxia from last 5-6years now i m 29 year old please suggest yoga for me.from india

  • Albert Michelson 2 weeks ago

    I have a question not related to weight loss. How to get a beautiful girlfriend?

  • Monya Shnipelson 2 weeks ago

    Well, Corrina, sun of my life, why can't you lose weight?

  • workwillfreeyou 2 weeks ago

    Natalie Butler on ,please.

  • Rachel Welke 2 weeks ago

    I wish we could have more access to licensed nutritionists, making it easier to lose weight for what's right for each person. What works for one person might not work for others.

  • Aries 2 weeks ago

    More legs n more dangling please n ty

  • Earth Support 2 weeks ago

    Hey Corrina, your videos are great. Thanks for all your cool videos.

  • YumeASMR 2 weeks ago
  • Tim Standaert 2 weeks ago

    Stop eating sugars and refined carbs. Use lard or butter to cook instead of oils. Detox=myth.