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  • Kishi 1 month ago

    Make another one of slim thick body sub, but w/ dif music :>

  • Hayley Marshall 1 month ago

    I’ve been using this for 2 days now with her booster/flush also i have been regularly exercising, and i am seeing results really fast, my stomach appears to be getting slimmer and im all around losing weight and i feel amazing, i will update (fo real

  • Taliyah Martinez 1 month ago

    Lmao is this supposed to be a joke?

  • Will I get results that I don't want

  • Natalie 1 month ago

    Omg lil peep

  • Elsa Heredero 1 month ago

    i'm spanish girl, and i speack english a very little serve me?

  • Sara and Heather Hogan 1 month ago

    So if I don't want to be 4'11 my mind will not allow the change right? Because I'm already 5'3 and I don't want to be any shorter.

  • EmoOtaku 99 1 month ago

    this is perfect, I want everything except being 4'11, but I can just block that out. Might update if i get results, but you'll have to remind me.

  • Julia :D 1 month ago

    If I don't want my scars to be removed, will they stay? (I like them, they look cool.)

  • Cha mi 1 month ago

    Can we download it ?

  • DaddyKjnk n Subliminal 1 month ago

    Do we have to think about what we want, or do we have to just listen?

  • Isabel 1 month ago

    So when it says slim thick body does it mean my thighs will get thicker ?

  • tropical wby 1 month ago

    Does this make your arms shorter? bcs i have long arms and legs i want to get rid of :(

  • keyla martinez 1 month ago

    What is 4,11(? :/

  • Dumb memes 1 month ago

    Is your stomach supposed to hurt

  • princesstutusweet 1 month ago

    Wow! This subliminal contains everything I wanted :D Can't wait to use it. Thank you so much <3

  • Boginia Murphy 1 month ago

    Does this make your thighs larger?

  • rosetheral 1 month ago

    Does this make your limbs slimmer?

  • Hannah Koch 1 month ago

    If I sleep with this overnight as well as with a booster with from another channel, will I still get fast results? Or will the two channels clash?

  • Alana 1 month ago

    So this makes my thighs slim ???

  • Lachay Nichols 1 month ago

    Will I be black still

  • Cezaaa T 1 month ago

    Can you remake this without the pale skin part please? ❤️

  • Giovanna Clifford 1 month ago

    i'll became shorter too?

  • Aryy Beezy 1 month ago

    During the video my stomach began to ache. Is that a sign that it's working? My thighs are also tingling