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It’s kind of weird how many times I’ve filmed myself in the shower for you guys… Today I’m going through the products I use in the shower and my current AM skincare routine. Hope you enjoy!

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**A section of this video was produced in collaboration with Dermalogica, a brand I’ve used and loved for many years!**

PM Skincare Routine:

My Favorite Masks:

My Favorite Hair Care Products:


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Paula’s Choice Redness Relief Cleanser

Aveda Damage Remedy Shampoo

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant

Make Hair Soft Conditioning Mask
Cant find a link online!

Lush Lord of Misrule showergel

Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre Essence

Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Day Cream

Avene Facial SPF 50

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I use affiliate links – not every link is an affiliate link but some are. That means I earn a small commission if you click through and purchase the product. I can find an affiliate link for just about any product on the market so trust me, there is no bias for me to recommend one product over another based on my potential to earn a commission. I source the links for your convenience and it takes a loooong time, but feel free to not use them if that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Sharon xx

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  • Sharon Farrell 3 weeks ago

    Before this becomes a thing in the comments, my shower head is water saving and I don't have an electric shower – it's an old-fashioned separate hot and cold water tap scenario. If I turn off the shower to save water, I actually end up wasting more because I have to run the water to get it back up to temperature again and will either freeze or scald myself.

  • Care Bear 3 weeks ago

    can i enter the giveaway if i'm in the us?

  • Care Bear 3 weeks ago

    u look stunning

  • Rebecca Gowers 3 weeks ago

    Man I love this video Sharon! I have so imaginary arguments and life moments in the shower staring while at the wall.

  • adrieneceleste 3 weeks ago

    Lol the thumbnail and title is hilarious!!!

  • Hannah Rose Locklear 3 weeks ago

    Sharon contemplates all of her best video ideas in the shower

  • vanessa bitar 3 weeks ago

    I liked this video it was useful and stuff but WHY EVERYONE ON YOUTUBE JUTS LET THE WATER RUN LIKE THAT WHILE THEY SHOWER!? and she does that everyday than means she just waists water like that every time she takes a shower?? I love your channel Sharon don't get me wrong I'm a long time subscriber but I gotta say it.

  • adele k 3 weeks ago

    Ive been doing the same thing for years! doing the shampoo and conditioner first then washing my body to avoid back acne. i also use a hair clip to keep my hair up away from my body when i condition and after (one of those claw ones). i only mention this cuz i noticed you struggling to keep your hair up while scrubbing your back. Free tip! lol
    Love your videos, you do an amazing job!

  • e jane 3 weeks ago

    Your jaw and teeth are looking amazing.

  • Bedlam Beauty 3 weeks ago

    I have Lord of Misrule, and I have the same issues with it. That green reminds me of liquid muppets. I have a pal who makes indie bath and body stuff, and I've been trying to get her to dupe it for me.

  • dalilinsanekid 3 weeks ago

    Do you think the olay skincare cleared up your acne or do you think it was dermalogica or something else?

  • Eimear Donohoe 3 weeks ago

    Hey Sharon! If you squeeze out as much extra water as possible before using conditioner you dilute your conditioner less so get more bang for your buck! You will also use slightly less conditioner! X

  • Kathy Paulic 3 weeks ago

    LOVE the Lord of Misrule scent! But also find the green truly annoying. I also think it doesn't lather as well as their other shower gels as it is a shower cream. Rose Jam is the ultimate scent and formula!

  • Face 2 Face with Bec 3 weeks ago

    Not shower related, but the lippie you're wearing is gorgeous.

  • mcswiftino 3 weeks ago

    Gutted you're not doing Vlogmas this year but totally understand!! Maybe consider a video of you and Paul just opening your calendars? That was such a fun part of last years vlogmas and would give us some Paul haha xx

  • anastasia smith 3 weeks ago

    its not weird lol very bold relate its normal

  • anastasia smith 3 weeks ago

    love makeup

  • anastasia smith 3 weeks ago

    i get happy thanksgiving i been stressed neeed new skin care and dark cirlces weather love comfy and like friend and meantl and health love chatty!xoxo have amazing day and love tips and cause one body so

  • noddyfry 3 weeks ago

    I have trouble getting Snow Fairy

  • Karol DeLoach 3 weeks ago

    Sharon, did you get a new camera?? When I watched this video it literally looks like I am sitting right in front of you! Really, it looks like you are in front of me in person! I love it

  • Rachelle K 3 weeks ago

    I adore your eye makeup here

  • Lashlove16 3 weeks ago

    I hate lush products… am I the only one ? They are over priced and badly packaged