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  • Aura Schell-Potts 4 weeks ago

    Thumbs up for Howells moving castle!

  • Mariano Garcia 4 weeks ago

    Keeping it real!

  • Jauna Finley 4 weeks ago

    You should make a Valhalla Warrior line of your merch. The mythology of Valhalla and the fight mentality inspires many… combined with your own personal flare may fly off the shelves.

  • Ive recently found your channel… You are such a great motivation and i love your channel! You help me stay motivated and have given me so many great tips in the gym and with meal prepping!

  • jose dominguez 4 weeks ago

    You like anime!?!? Can I hire you to be my best friend? Haha

  • MADDLOVE6177 4 weeks ago

    You're and awesome! person to watch Remington James, no matter what the hell I have going on I can click on your videos and learn something about fitness,cooking, business,realism but most importantly just an over all happy and smiling life Bro .. you say some really goofy stuff sometimes but I think it's awesome man it's what makes or breaks someone's day. Finding in oneself to smile or not smile and unfortunately some people including myself have lived many years of my life thinking that if I was a happy go lucky guy always smiling or laughing I looked dumb or weak and I just want to say thank you for changing the views of that for me I wish I would have found your videos a lot sooner and in my younger knucklehead days but it's better late than never I'd like to think .. so again Bro thanks for all the laughs and awesome detailed stuff you put into your work all around .. its very much appreciated by me .. I would love to rock your gear sometime for support once I get out of my financial situations but again thanks for everything you do.

  • Shirley Metatla 4 weeks ago

    Just found this channel recently and loving the content. Nice to find like minded ppl to watch especially during my prep!! AND another Ohio'ian!!! Good shit brah !!!

  • PQ Mentee 4 weeks ago

    Great taste in movies, thanks for all the info!

  • Jhon Gia 4 weeks ago

    I don't even know how I started to watch your videos, but I like them! Positive vibes

  • Deandra Walter-Ferry 4 weeks ago

    I love anime dude.

  • Tabitha Kerr 4 weeks ago

    Studio Ghibli for the win!