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Salsa Step 4: Hammer Lock – part of the women’s fitness video series by GeoBeats.

Now we are going to do step four in the salsa. I am going to take my partner’s hands again, lovely Sarit. And just as I had done in step three, I had taken Sarit and went to the palm and turned her, and that was the outside turn. This time, what I am going to do is I am going to keep both of her lovely hands, and I am going to end up with a step that we call the “hammer lock.” So we have “rock, step, step”, I am going to keep her hands, “rock, step, step.”

Noticing she is still doing the same pattern, and we end up in this position for step number four, the hammer lock. As you can see, we will need another step in order to get out of the hammer lock. So again this is step number four, the hammer lock, two-hand hold, just like step number three, except we keep both hands. And now we are in this position. We can stay here for a little bit, but eventually we will come out.

If you find yourself in the club, and you have got a lady who is a little bit stuff, be careful to not do the hammer lock with her, because you might hurt her stiff arms and pull on her shoulder or something. So it is up to the leader to figure out, what can this lady actually do. If she has got nice, relaxed arms, you probably can get a hammer lock out of her, but if she is a stiff lady, you do not want to risk hurting her. And that was step four, the hammer lock, in the salsa.


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  • lindenly22 1 week ago

    The same hammerlock can be done in the merengue.

  • 1337nobody 1 week ago

    Worth mentioning is that the hammer lock is also a good way of tearing people's shoulders… :)