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Please Read First! I will not answer any questions that are answered here.

This video contains subliminal affirmations to make your eyes royal blue, your hair brown, your skin rosy white, and your body slim and toned.

Please do NOT flood the comment section with requests. I will NOT accept requests made in the comment section. It is for questions or results only.
I WILL accept requests in my “Info, Q&A, Make Requests Here” video or via a PM on YouTube.

-How loud should I listen to it?
–At a comfortable volume. Louder will NOT give you faster results. Lower is better.
-How many times should I listen?
–At least an hour a day.
-When can I expect to see results?
–Every person is different, but as many have stated before, between 2 weeks to 6 months.
-How can I get faster results?
–Listen to it multiple times a day every day. However, stop if you develop a headache. Visualizing your desired outcome will also help to speed up the process
-Can I listen while I sleep?
-Do I have to watch?
–No, just listen.
-Are earbuds/headphones required?
–No, but they are recommended.
-Does this contain witchcraft/black magic/anti-Christian themes?
–Absolutely not.

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  • ngọc nguyễn 3 months ago

    i can say that it didn't work

  • Shah Riddhi 3 months ago

    this video get result in how many times? approximate

  • Twilight Fairy. 3 months ago

    Is it for straight hair as well??
    the video says "long ,Straight ,Brown hair "
    but there's no mention of " Straight " hair in the description ??
    Thank you xxx

  • marco amexdesire 3 months ago

    it changed my height?

  • Matthew Ray 3 months ago

    I played this for my feline cat before he passed shortly after I did it as he sat on my lap. I couldn't find this but sounds good.

  • Antinoïs 3 months ago

    Let's become Caucasian ?

  • Phillips vlog 3 months ago

    If I'm listening to this video and your money magnet video will it work

  • Phillips vlog 3 months ago

    Can you make a video with getting anything you want

  • Phillips vlog 3 months ago

    Can I look in the mirror after watching

  • Kirsten Gayle 3 months ago

    Will this give me rosy cheeks too? And also, what if Im listening to your golden hazel green eyes but this has royal blue? Will it clash? What should I do?

  • Lexi Elizabeth 3 months ago

    Has this actual worked on anyone because I've tried stuff like this before and it DID NOT work, not even a little bit

  • Ahmed Bin Abdulraheem 3 months ago

    My sister listen to this for 2 months and she say it didn't work.

  • Princess Aisha أميرة عائشة 3 months ago

    m gonna change my account picture when it will complete

  • Princess Aisha أميرة عائشة 3 months ago

    nope came for a while

  • love twilight 3 months ago

    hey can I download it

  • Princess Aisha أميرة عائشة 3 months ago

    aah my lups are turning rosy pink

  • AngelWizard Xoxo 3 months ago

    I keep hearing this creepy voice in the background, what is it for?

  • adriana sem 3 months ago

    I want all of that but i don't wanna be slimer bcz i am already slim.?!

  • Girl Play:з 3 months ago

    I love you <3 I'd also like 1 eye to be blue and the other to be a green,please.<3

  • Zainab Fatima 3 months ago

    Will this work on people with Indian skin?