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The best way to use tummy twister is explained here in this video. I request you to read the instructions before using it. I hope you will like it.

Using tummy twister is very easy and useful
but a few things we need to make sure before its use
1. the positions of your hands: both the hands should be in a straight line
the way I have used a chair (it should not move,the chair) here to have the hands at the same height.loose your body.
2. we need to make sure that we are moving both the side equally.
3. if we are feeling any pain in our stomach or any where else so take a break for some time or we can leave it for the day.
4. if we are a beginner or starting with this tummy twister then do it for only 10 or 20 at a time, we can slowly increase in few days.
5. if we do not do it properly, like the position of your hand,it may hurt our back. so make sure we are doing it right.
6. if we are having any problem related to our back or spinal chord then consult a doctor.
this is very safe and effective. i am sure you will like it.
Thank You.
please write the comment below and suggestions are most welcome.

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