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Wendy is a fresh idol in her early twenties, as a member of Red Velvet, running 4 years now. However Wendy has struggled much to get where she is and recently even more.
Wendy has dieted back and forth trying to control her weight but recently some fans think she may have gone to far and the hate she received is starting to hurt her.
Thankfully Wendy has begun prioritizing her health it appears and she seems to be slowly returning to a more stable weight.

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  • Selin Yıldız 2 weeks ago

    I think she better before weight loss

  • Nabihun21 2 weeks ago

    The public are blaming SM when it is partially the public's fault for what is happening to her. I feel really sorry. I just wanna go and hug wendy and tell her that she is working hard and i hope she understands that there is more love for her than hate. Auuughh these so called fans are so sick ㅠㅠ

  • Bleu Wan 2 weeks ago

    This made me cry so hard.I hope she realizes that she's perfect in every shape.

    And she's looking healthier this Bad Boy comeback. I'm loving her more.

  • White Girl 2 weeks ago

    Poor girl, her weight was totally fine in 2014. She didnt need too lose or gain weight. The netizens comments of "scary" fat" lazy" honestly just pissed me off. They want these girls "PERFECT".. Even if the Girls have to starve themselves they don't care. Btw, their "foreign fat genes" logic is just rude…

  • Jodie H 2 weeks ago

    this upsets me so much, ive never been a BIG fan of red velvet but neverless i really liked them and watching this makes me sad for the pressure that idols get from fans of course their companies but, the real problem are the haters/fans :( it annoys me that unfortunately this is the reality

  • Rosevy Marcharl 2 weeks ago

    She looks brighter and happier when she gained weight tbh. Eat all you want girls, YOLO

  • LPS MidnightTV 2 weeks ago


  • nachii kim 2 weeks ago

    I feel sad for Wendy. Good to see her in Bad Boy era that she’s not that thin at all. I love Ice cream era

  • Vkook 4lyf 2 weeks ago

    I don’t care about her weight. Fat or skinny. I don’t really care about that. She’s still beautiful and talented. If she’s healthy, i’m happy. I know she feels uncomfortable when everybody hate her tho. But for me she’s still beautiful

  • Milena Karčiauskaitė 2 weeks ago

    I don’t get it first they criticised Wendy because she was too fat, then after she got thinner so much that her bones started showing, they criticising her again calling her ugly, scary. What do you want from her? She tried so hard to have that ideal body. She is practically starving herself. But I’m glad that she is now balancing her wait.

  • Justin Seagull’s Wifeu 2 weeks ago

    i wanna tell the haters LOOK AT YOURSELF BEFORE TELLING HER SHE LOOKS UGLY AND FAT i mean why would they hate on Wendy she’s such a beautiful girl. Everyone should love Wendy even if she looks fat or not because she looks pretty either way

  • Storms 2 weeks ago

    sERIOUSLY south korea what the heck are u doing

    (ik not just sk, and not the whole of sk but)

  • Bad Butterflies 2 weeks ago

    I really hate fans who say wendy(or other idols) has to loose weight because of body standards? Like yall want her to become a twig to be perfect?

  • Pinguhuhn 2 weeks ago

    She looked completely fine at the beginning. It wasn't necessary for her to loose weight. Something like this makes me sad

  • aishi daehyun 2 weeks ago

    She can be fat or slim it doesn't care the other fans or people

  • Aneesah Farid 2 weeks ago

    some people really disgust me. Why is her body so important to you? why cant you just love her personality and her voice? isnt that enough? leave managing her body up to her. ugh

  • Daddy Hoseok 2 weeks ago

    I think, in my opinion, girls look healthier with a little bit of skin. She shouldn't have to deal with all of this, she's a beautiful woman who deserves just as much love as everyone else, no matter what her weight is! For gods sake, she's talented, has a good personality, has a beautiful image, and has a perfect body no matter what

  • temeigh 2 weeks ago

    she looks beautiful just the way she is right now and then why cant people just respect her and give her support when they know they can never be as hard working as she is?

  • Ainaa Irdinaa 2 weeks ago

    shes my queen how people could say that to her djdkxkzhsj

  • Tangoputang 2 weeks ago

    People are never fucking satisfied . First they all shit on her for gaining weight . Then the minute she looses weight , people shit on her for looking “ugly “ . Bitch please

  • And I’m over here trying to gain weight

  • ShOrTwTaFvIdS -_- 2 weeks ago

    She's so cute

  • Islamova Shahida 2 weeks ago

    My comment may be extra in this topic, but have you noticed that at the start she was singing so well live .But then all the performances became lipsynced or pre-recorded

  • Lulu Handayani 2 weeks ago

    Wendy ahhh.. She's such an angel.. Always smiling in front of fans

  • Ana Clara 2 weeks ago

    Poor girl, the midia and "fans" obsession of the skinny pattern is what makes more and more sick people, and now even Wendy! Fat is beutiful too, we have to stop care so mutch about being skinny, we must care about being happy and health.

  • Lenny face 2 weeks ago

    This really hurts me, you are always in your little corner of enjoying your idols – until you realise how hard they work and how hard it still to 'please' the 'fans'. I don't care how they look, although I would prefer them to be a good size and not too skinny or too big because I don't want them to get hate, I just want them to be happy, where has all the good in the world gone? :(

  • Loner Since1999 2 weeks ago

    Her face is cute when she is chubbier. For some reason, it glows more and her facial structure looks perfect when it's chubbier. It's weird when she is so thin and her face shape doesn't go well with her body shape after losing so much weight. She looks like a stick figure with round head. Not trynna be mean, but I think she's a lot more cuter and healthier with extra fat in her body.

  • shampain 2 weeks ago

    sad that some fans have nothing better to do than to point out only a few pounds gained and force companies to starve their idols like this. fucked up. Wendy was never fat, the era where she looked a bit more healthy, that was probably her natural weight!!!!! Korean netizens criticized her into literally being thin to the point of it being unhealthy. but unhealthy is apparently attractive unless YOURE FAT!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!! POUND THE ALARMS!!!! Wendy gained 10 pounds!!!!!!!!!

  • Nevaeh W 2 weeks ago

    a sign for anorexia is making really nice food just for other people

  • QuinnT 2 weeks ago

    Ok so let me get this straight. They hate on her when she gains weight but then when she's thin they suddenly start to "worry" about her? Suspecting her company is being too harsh? Well, in the first place it was you who hated on her for her weight, especially koreans and their delusional way of thinking that just because you are skinny you're automatically pretty and healthy, i mean, fuck you if you think like that. These people aren't fans, they are monsters.