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Be My Friend –

Premature Death & Passion for Health, Nutrition by Natalie

Natalie talks about her experiences in a hospital dealing with patients & adjusting their diet.

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  • Tansin Filohika 1 week ago

    I ordered from EDMEDRX.COM one time and I didn’t have any problems with them calling me to approve the order. It’s always good to know that there is a real person behind all this. I can understand that some people find this unusual, but I guess they are not familiar with this kind of service. They call me up and ask for permission before charging my card and I never had any problem with unauthorized charges. Great online shop with good customer support.

  • Samsum4everR2 1 week ago

    Maybe the people do want live, because they are at a HOSPITAL.
    What is the point of ending your life? You gain nothing. Why not try living this life? Actually achieving something instead of taking the easy and shitty way out? I just have too many things I want to get done in this life to think about dying.

  • mrdarcyme 1 week ago

    Maybe some people don't want to live. Death is a door and you go through it. We all are going to die at some time….

  • yess yoyo 1 week ago

    Thanks Natalie..Really love ur video..I can really feel ur passion on nutrition.
    i was really curious that is it chillies is good for health or it would harm our body?..may u do explaination about it..!Thanks

  • GorillaPlayingSax 1 week ago

    everybody says youve been banged

  • Dave Lewis 1 week ago

    your awesome!

  • Peter 1 week ago

    And man, it blew my mind! This dude teaches using the pain- pleasure principle since like what, the 70's?? Its just soo cool, it means we don't have to reinvent the wheel, it was all already discovered :D . Seriously, check it out- Anthony Robbins. Just don't get put off by the loads of hype, I think this guy really delivers. And if you don't wan't to pay for his programs, you can always torrent 'em, before buying.

  • Peter 1 week ago

    Thanks :D . I now drink occasionally, on concerts or parties once a month or two but it's not a problem anymore. And I know I'll NEVER smoke again.
    Anyway, It turns out there are some serious, succesfull people that had the same thought we both had, YEARS ago, and they built veritable bussiness EMPIRES on the same thing you wrote above. Check out Tony Robbins, all this guy teaches revolves around this principle. I just found him a few weeks ago. con

  • Nia517 1 week ago

    Hi Natalie! I noticed on your website that you are now an RD! Congrats! :) I am currently studying to become an RD also…I enjoy watching your videos and learning from them! Keep up the great work!

  • Peter 1 week ago

    I'm no psychologist, so I can't tell for sure. But my theory does seem to explain why almost NOBODY is able to change ANYTHING about their lifestyle. I know literally hundreds of people, and maybe 1 or 2 of them were ever able to change. My belief is, "willpower" is bullshit. A myth, there is no such thing. People are governed by the urge to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Lasting change is only possible if their emotional responses to things change. If you read it this far, any thoughts? :P

  • Peter 1 week ago

    In two weeks time will be my second year without a single drink, or cigarrete. I was one lucky bastard to get this DT in a young age, as it enabled me to change my life before any permanent damage had been done. I know I'm not special in any way, just lucky. The point of this verbal diahrrea is to illustrate the tragic condition most people are. Humans are UNABLE to change without sufficient stimuli to back this change, either in the form of pain, or pleasure, and even then it's unlikely.

  • Peter 1 week ago

    My story is a good example. I've been a heavy drinker and smoker since the age of 17 (sic!). Here in Poland drinking age is 18, so getting booze is very easy, as most shopkeepers don't bother to check anyone for id. Anyway, by the time I was 19 I had my first DT. Thats delirium tremens, withdrawal from alcohol. Its like withdrawal from drugs, but its more likely to kill you, usually due to cardiac failure. Long story short, it was then when I even SAW what I was doing. Before, I had no idea. con

  • Peter 1 week ago

    You know what is really sad? Most people are simply unable to change their life before something bad happens to them, and they are able to directly link it emotionally to their lifestyle. Thats important- EMOTIONALLY! That means they have to FEEL that they brought this upon themselves, and there must be a clear and unambiguous connection between the emotional pain and their choices. Knowing just isn't enough. cont.

  • pongman 1 week ago

    I agree with you 100% but the shocking thing that I find somewhat out of synch is the hospital I use to work at in Boston. One of the best hospitals in the country has a new cafeteria catered to Pizza Hut, McDonalds, and every fast food company in the industry. Oh they do have a salad bar but seriously the Director of the hospital needs to get his priorities straight and stop making a profit off of this, and promote health care like its suppose to or change their mission statement.

  • Russell M 1 week ago

    Thanks for your insight. I wish the US culture was more geared towards health and good lifestyle, but it seems to be going the opposite way. People need to try twice as hard just because they are really like swimming upstream against the tide of negative diet and lifestyle that are promoted. Videos like yours are one good start!

  • pongman 1 week ago

    I think Natalie will be the new Dr. Judith Wurtman. I certainly hope so because she's so smart and has a dedication for humanity that surpasses anyone that I knew. Thank you again Natalie. I think its time to remind the two presidential candidates how very important nutrition is for our country and the world. It would certainly prevent billions of dollars in healthcare cost. Whomever wins the election I hope they put Natalie in charge with a multi billion dollar budget.

  • chaoscontrot 1 week ago

    i like to know as well.

  • soccom8341576 1 week ago

    Wow,very good video.
    Preventative measures…. that's how Japanese people seem to live to such old ages. And that was before they had great medical care like now.

  • pizzicatoblue 1 week ago

    What I've also figured out is that some people make certain bad choices in their life due to a traumatic experience, or the fact that they just don't care(in other words thinking that life wasn't worth living). That's why I never feel sorry for people who decide to abuse themselves in that manner. All I can do is pray for them, nothing more.

  • Aberran Fox 1 week ago

    Muscle is denser not heavier

  • PsycheTruth 1 week ago

    Muscle weights more than fat.

    As you build up muscle your weight might actually increase but the percentage of body fat will decrease. You should also feel better and have more energy.

    The amount of muscle you have dictates your metabolism. This will help put your body into fat burning mode.

    Keep at it.