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Join a community of women inspired to be different! We seek out unique opportunities of expression, fitness, and self love. We embrace each other’s flaws and build on our strengths. We bond not “click” so anyone feels at home. Pole dancing classes can be scary and your first pole class can determine whether or not you continue pole dancing for fitness in the future. Trust us in knowing you are safe and welcomed and experience our judgement free zone. We inspire women of all ages and sizes. We are a multi cultural community and are seeking to raise the BAR in pole dance to not only represent sensual dance, but fitness, strength building, and community.

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When it comes to what Power BAR Women’s Fitness Dallas, Tx Pole Dance Studios offer in the DFW it is all of the above. We take our pole dancing students who are beginner clients and grow them through an educationally structured environment. In our DFW Pole Dance Studios we show each client how to progress according to where they are in their current fitness levels. We often provide Pole Dance Tutorials and Private Pole Dancing lessons to grow those willing participant students even quicker. Our Pole Dance Studio is based in safety, sound fitness practices for muscle development, exceptional educational tools and training, and World Class Client Service. The entire Power BAR Women’s Fitness staff Loves what we do and are sold out to the idea of Women Empowerment and creating community through our fitness culture. Our Pole Dance Studios allow women to be who they are in whatever dance style they choose and we embrace the art, the sensuality, the creativity, and everything else.
If you are in the Dallas TX or Ft Worth TX area and are looking for an above average Pole Dance Studio that will guarantee results, then be sure to check out Power Bar Women’s Fitness at We have affordable single class rates, amazing group rates, and are a multi-cultural dance studio in the DFW. Be sure to follow us on Social Media and Subscribe right here to our You Tube channel. Our Social Media handles are @powerbarfit or search us as Power BAR Women’s Fitness on Facebook. We look forward to raising the BAR With you!
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