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Phoenix Fat Burner Review

Legion are an American supplement brand with a refined range of supplements. They use high quality ingredients at proper dosages. Phoenix is a non-proprietary blend fat burner, which gives a good amount of energy and has some ingredients that may improve fat burning.

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  • 2012XF3 3 months ago

    What if i cant swallow pills

  • Carlos Reza 3 months ago


    Hey I would like to share with you my experience with The Legion team. I have been a long time supporter of Mike Matthews and his work, I have read and owned Bigger Leaner Stronger, The Shredded Chef, Eat Green Get Lean, and I'm currently about to finish the Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger book and challenge. I'm also under a meal plan I purchased from Muscle for life. Over the last four years, since it's foundation, I have supported Legion Athletics and I consume their pre workout Pulse, their multivitamin Triumph, their joint supplement Fortify, their fish oil Triton, their fat burners, well almost everything with the exception of their Protein which is not affordable for me. I'm quite happy with their products I think they are honest with their work and Mike's books have changed my life, and I'm grateful for that.

    Sadly, Legion is now a proud company that doesn't care for their long time supporters. As part of my cutting plan I decided to join their Facebook group for support and interaction while having a few difference of opinions with some members which is natural in a multicultural and varied background forum. The Legion team constantly blocked anyone that had anything than a perfect opinion of their products and services. They also targeted my content and they finally blocked me when I expressed that I was sad with the costumer service they provided me. They discriminate, target, and block you without consideration, in words of a fellow and current member of the group "I didn't think your posts were any worse than what others posted and I thought you were UNFAIRLY TARGETED for reasons I'm not sure of".

    I have to be honest with you. I was surprised with Legion's customer service behavior, a few years ago I would have never believed they will act like this. I have personally defend their reputation in Amazon when people were lying about their products so WHY would they discriminate and target their customers? And I know why, for the quality of their products Legion is used to a lot of praise but the moment you raise a concern or valid criticism they shut down and target you, they stop liking you and they discriminate against you. Instead of growing as customer service they have become egocentric and prideful and the once honest company has become the one that uses defamation and falsehoods against their long time supporters.

    If your experience have been different, god bless bother, if they have treated you nice and with respect, god bless sister. I really don't wish that they treat everyone like they have treated me I respect your truth and also please respect mine.

    By the way they won't give you your money back if you don't want their products anymore. Don't expect them to have the decency to even take their products back.

  • Devilisk 3 months ago

    Does it works?

  • Cal Calaman 3 months ago

    just bought this. …. on my 2nd day off use. So far, so good. Let me know how u feel after finishing the bottle – would u reorder it?