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  • LadyR Creation 1 month ago

    Ill pass on this. Id rather work out 3 times a week for 30 mins. Doing that every day for 20 mins is too much for me but good luck girl!

  • cmscooper 1 month ago

    I applaud you from a far. Yessss!

  • Shonte ! 1 month ago

    GURL..I was trying to do this wit you and damn near passed out

  • Fudge Brownie 1 month ago

    Alright Shilanda with the work out. I'm ready for some more hair vids

  • Prettigirlzthebrand 1 month ago

    Hello dolls please help me get to 1,000 subscribers

  • Angelina Carraway35YRSOLD 1 month ago

    Can u do an updated skincare AM n PM video plz

  • Thandekile Mvusi 1 month ago

    oh ….what makes me feel the most beautiful is knowing that I am a queen(well princess until I get married), Daughter of the creator of the Universe, The Ancient of Days , and walking in HIS image of me. Which by HIS definition is pure gloriousness! And I finally believe him, at last

  • Thandekile Mvusi 1 month ago

    Gurrrl!! Those biceps and triceps is popping! Keep up the hard work Cuz it is paying off! Please be safe with those squats ,no knees past the toes , focusing on pushing through your heals………I know yo husband can't wait to see you next summer, if you're body is changing that fast! You are my first motivation for 2018 and last month I almost finished a 30 day squat challenge(after not excercisng for a year), ….but I didn't finish the last 8 days, needless to say I was feeling bad

  • Precious Lafleur 1 month ago

    SOooooo good to see you. I've really missed you, and this video came right on time. I was just telling my husband that my workout routine is not working. Thanks soooooo much for this video. Your hair and makeup is bomb!!!!

  • Naturalldubz 1 month ago

    Oooh I do it tooooo. I will be on my first week this week. I’m finished with the pre week. Way to go lovebug

  • TheChicago35 1 month ago

    check out intermittent fasting and all the working out won't be necessary