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So many of you have requested my nighttime skincare routine, so I’ve teamed with M&S Beauty to show you.

Yes this post is sponsored – but teaming with M&S allows me to show you not only what I would choose and use from their many different skincare brands on offer, but also outline the different steps that remain the same and have been the same for years now.

So I always double cleanse with a makeup remover and creamy rinse off cleanser, always exfoliate with a lotion, always layer on a retinol serum and then, when the seasons change, or when my skin is tired or dehydrated or simply in need of a bit of TLC I layer on a night cream.

Here are the products that I love from M&S Beauty.

* Pure Miceller Cleanser –
* Skyn Iceland Hot Cloth Cloud Cleanser –
* Pixi Glow Peel Pads –
* Murad Retinol Repair –
* M&S Ultimate Sleep Repair Cream –

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  • TRACY MCGINTY. 3 months ago

    I'm surprised no eye cream …?

  • Jane Burke 3 months ago

    Me too Nadine, maybe we have one of them faces that our pillow has it in for us lol xxx Also Nadine I'd love to know about the vitamins etc you take , as we are over forty we need all the help we can get lol xxxx

  • Jax T 3 months ago

    This is no way a criticism as I love your videos, but I'm always very aware of the differences between UK English and American English when I read/hear reviews, etc. on line. You used the word 'regime' several times here which I think of as an oppresive government. 'Regimen' is the word I think of as a regularly practiced activity. North Korea kept flashing in my mind, then I was expecting at least one K-beauty product. Silly what may be going on in your audience. :)

  • Victoria Bourque 3 months ago

    Hello Lovely

  • Sarah morgan 3 months ago

    I literally sit watching your videos with a pen and paper writing all your advice and recommendations down!

  • Debi Basile 3 months ago

    Hi Nadine! Always love to see what you are using for skincare. Great video.

  • Bonnie W 3 months ago

    Hi Nadine … So, I thought one was not supposed to use retinol products with peels? I'm so curious because I want to do everything I can to slow down the changes:))). Thank you. I love your videos!!

  • Margo Simpson 3 months ago

    I think it's a shame the M&S Sleep Cream is so perfumed … why??! Was prepared to give it a go until I smelled it.

  • Martha Parra Caballero 3 months ago

    To avoid lines in the morning I use a satin or silk pillow case. It's wonderful! Thank you Nadine. X

  • keepfitgirl 3 months ago

    For anyone on a budget Superdrug do their own version of the GA pads. Emma x

  • MOOVYA 3 months ago

    Oh my goodness you got me sooooo excited but as far as I can see M&S won't send there moisturiser to AUSTRALIA!! Help!!

  • Lisa Lou 3 months ago

    Hi Nadine, thanks so much for this informative video which makes evening skincare so simple. I am definitely go to change my evening routine to minimum effort, I have so many ordinary and Hylamide products that I have been trying, however, it takes too long and not seeing any results. Can you tell me if you use the Retinol every day in the evening only and do you use eye cream? I am goind shopping! x PS. You look amazing!

  • Lucy Jones 3 months ago

    Are you not using tretinoin anymore? Could you please do an update on the subject? xx