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this is a vid on what i feed my green iguana what i put on her food.

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  • thewilltobechill 2 weeks ago

    i was told not to use with d3 cause the uvb light makes it for them and those to added together could give your iggy d3 poisoning

  • purplegabz 2 weeks ago

    cute! lol like yo feet!! lol

  • jeffevens13 2 weeks ago

    @hsa561 i got her so calm by hand feeding her alot. i would make her come to me for her food to the point where i would open the cage and regardless of if i had food or not she would run over to me and climb up my legs. just never force an iguana to do something it doesnt want to do because that will just make it hate you.

  • hsa561 2 weeks ago

    How did you take your iguana?? Like what steps did you take to get him/her so calm and used to you?

  • Andre Peters 2 weeks ago

    If you use the calcium do you still need a UVB light?

  • jeffevens13 2 weeks ago

    i dont have her anymore because i just wanted to focus on my snake breeding projects. as for if you should buy one, thats up to you. they arent really trouble they are just kinda a hassle to care for and when it comes to handling them they dont really like it at all they would much rather just do their own thing and have you leave them alone. with hand feeding you can get them to come to you and let you touch them but if your looking for a lap dog then i would not recommend one.

  • amoonavidtanha 2 weeks ago

    hey, did u ger rid of that? and why? any suggestion?shoul i buy one? are they trouble?

  • jeffevens13 2 weeks ago

    i feed my iguana i time a day and yes she almost always eats all the food on the plate. what do you feed your iguana and do you leave the plate of food in he's cage all day? because my igunana dos not eat it all at once she will eat some in the morning then she will go back through out the day and finish it.

  • jeffevens13 2 weeks ago

    im not sure all i know is that i have had her for about a year and a half =)

  • jeffevens13 2 weeks ago

    oh man that suck for them, oh well they deserved it! lol

  • jeffevens13 2 weeks ago

    damn, im sorry to hear that =(

  • jeffevens13 2 weeks ago

    thanks she is doing beter now she is getting fat to lol :D and ya she is about 2 or 3 good guess.

  • johnny ortiz 2 weeks ago

    hes about wat 3 years