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  • PumpChasers 3 months ago

    Try this on your next cardio session and let me know what you think.

  • imGNETK 3 months ago

    Also for those of you that are out of shape but still want to do this you can just remove the last phase or add an extra minute or 2 of recovery (walk phase). Dont kill yourself on the machine for 2 or 3 days then give up. Being consistent is most important! Good luck guys! And good job with the vids chris

  • Empire Slot Chasers 3 months ago

    Whats the best prohormones to take?

  • Katende Mario Van Patrick 3 months ago

    Chris what programm do you suggest for beginners and where can I purchase or download them?

  • Isaiah Martin 3 months ago

    My brother is a fool, LMAO. Love his vids.

  • bob johnson 3 months ago

    how do you make it where the treadmill adjust the speed for you automatically? I was doing intervals on the treadmill at my 24 fitness gym and it automatically did it for me but the next day i went and tried it again….it didn'twork….just stayed on 3.0 speed the whole time :( . Uses that same exact treadmill.

  • Julian Allen 3 months ago

    good advice as always bro! much luv

  • Dudley GT 3 months ago

    also how the fuck doesnt jones have like a millions subscribers yet when his content is actually useful

  • Dudley GT 3 months ago

    isnt like fat burners like uh pre=workouts mostly caffeine because fat burners do not burn fat the caffeine in them raises youre heart rate making it maybe possible to have more energy to extend youre stamina to do a little extra more

  • Vlad The Impaler 3 months ago

    This is what I do for cardio but I do like about 15min and I'm shredded

  • Arjay Torres 3 months ago

    Bodybuilding is a lifestyle can't do cardio and eat diry..just sayin..

  • Nick G 3 months ago

    I feel like I burned Calories just watching this.I fucking hate cardio but I might try this shit out.

  • MrR3Gi0N 3 months ago

    outro beat anyone?

  • Shaun Sneed 3 months ago

    I like how you do the workout and explain it at the same time. That's hard got damn work but that's why you the best. I love the gym set up too.

  • John Jackson 3 months ago

    Haha, i can imagine the bloopers reel where you shoot off the back of that thing.

  • Dennis Lovelace 3 months ago

    Chris what is your thoughts on sauna suits for weight loss for a larger client with more to lose, what would one be doing wrong if press motion workouts on hammer strength target triceps or muscle just above elbow on the back side or rear.

  • W Ballard 3 months ago

    Appreciate the consistent high quality content on this channel. I'm sure this question's been asked before, but I want to know how you feel about cardio sessions after a high volume leg day?

  • 3 months ago

    Cardio is so neccesar… but I still don't like doing ti

  • Christopher Lantigua 3 months ago

    Great hiit work

  • williamsmark1000 3 months ago

    What's the best sauna waist belt?

  • gist4change 3 months ago

    Damn I missed the deal on the stack!!

  • Bobby Evers 3 months ago

    bruh, looks like you need a track coach to help with your mechanics running. haha. I got you fam.

  • David Gonzalez 3 months ago

    Would this affect me in a bad way if I do this in the mornings while fasted? Isn't the intensity of this too high to where It can burn muscle? Or is it safe?

  • LuvfaMoneyGreenwade1 3 months ago

    This a good workout I tried this today man it's a beast but it's worth it I burned way mo calories then I have been plus the sweats a plus I'm 175 tryna get to 145 and stay lean and put some muscle on it any suggestions

  • LuvfaMoneyGreenwade1 3 months ago

    Tired this today man it's beast but it's a good sweat and I burned a lot mo calories preciate the video now I have something new to do 172 tryna get to 145

  • Brian Parker 3 months ago

    Nice video I always keep my waist belt on every workout it does slim down the waist in that extra water weight off the stomach area

  • NeiNeiPickups 3 months ago

    I just did this yesterday I only lasted 10mins lol I'm gonna get better though lol

  • jr smith 3 months ago

    imma get that heat waiste trimmer .. i need that shit for when im bloated

  • adonisDNA2000 3 months ago

    Did this workout this morning and loved it. I'm not hoe ready though so I had to walk 2 minutes. Thanks Beastmode Jones!

  • jmuhammad007 3 months ago

    Chris how many calories do you burn per cardio session?