Added by on February 3, 2018

Two tools I use on almost a daily basis – Wahoo Fitness and LightBlue Explorer. Links below to these two apps I use for debugging Bluetooth / Bluetooth Smart peripherals. Note: The Wahoo Fitness app will also detect ANT+ devices with a compatible phone dongle.

Wahoo Fitness App:
Lightblue Explorer App:

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  • SmiTTTen 2 weeks ago

    Please use excessively

  • Chris Bayliss 2 weeks ago

    Hi Shane , just bought a Neo happy days ! However my Cannondale synapse disc doesn’t seem to fit very well on it at all ie nearly rubbing on the frame plus the chain is vibrating not running true please Any advice appreciated mate !

  • CreRay 2 weeks ago

    That 360 view is very cool! Never new that is possible in Youtube.

  • simon russell 2 weeks ago

    Awesome camera. Love ut

  • Boris Lewandowski 2 weeks ago

    Once a while, with good/great scenery, like in this case, I like 360 videos. On my iDevice I could pan around by moving the iDevice, neat.

  • Anton Peterson 2 weeks ago

    Shane have you used the Wahoo utility app? I use it to make sure my tickr and blue S/C sensor are on the most up-to-date firmware.

  • Richard Clarke 2 weeks ago

    I’ve found the Wahoo fitness app to be useless, it rarely ever connects to my TICKR heart rate monitor.

  • Wee Al's Wheels 2 weeks ago

    The thumbnail looks like you are riding a mobility scooter

  • that bloke in front 2 weeks ago

    I really like 360 mode very cool

  • bullwhip johnson 2 weeks ago

    I like the 360. I think it looks cool. You're just the man to explore this new format.☺