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Huda beauty released her highly anticipated eyeshadow palette replacing the Rose Gold Palette, the Desert Dusk palette!

I will say i have seen some beautiful tutorials on instagram using this palette, but it does look like there were also some issues too. What do you think?

Ily xx


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  • Isi xoxox 3 months ago

    I watched this video , I love Michael but I feel like he cut huda too much slack because the other palette is his fav. Like all that fallout bish wut that isn't ok, what if you had your base on you would be pissed. TITTES❤️

  • Amina Abdelaziz 3 months ago

    Okay but the first palette is trash, her lippies are trash, and her lashes are nothing special so why is everyone so shocked that the second one is bad? her first one was so dry and honestly I'm not spending $50+ on brushes to use my damn fingers to put an eyeshadow on??? also I bought like five of her lippies and they all smelled TERRIBLE, never dried, transferred on everything, and was super sticky.

  • thats really pretty 3 months ago

    I don't remember huda's first palette being great either. When I went to Sephora several of the ladies that worked there didn't want to pick it up (some saying it was "trash") and none of them would recommend it to me lol. I also don't recall any press on changes to formula so it looks like she might have just curated a new palette and kept the formula more or less the same. Hmmm….. not throwing shade so don't come for me lol. Just wondering what others think

  • Mackenzie Mitchell 3 months ago

    I live for your videos

  • Sharlee Farnham 3 months ago

    he needs some milk

  • Alex A 3 months ago

    I have the huda beauty rose gold palette and I swear it's the worst eyeshadow palette I've ever tried. It's dry as fuck and patchy too; the eyeshadow skips like no other. I'd rather use my morphe eyeshadows.

  • Sky gray 3 months ago

    The benefit brow gel is nice but i refuse to pay the price

  • T Reasons 3 months ago

    Loved this vid – your accents are everything! Would love to see more of your playtimes with different brands of makeup.

  • Sky gray 3 months ago

    I'm going to wait until a bunch more reviews come out before deciding if I'm going to buy it because I really wanted that pallet

  • rhh h 3 months ago

    watch Rianne's video, nowhere near as bad as michael's

  • odaliz paz 3 months ago

    Even it don't work people still going to buy it LOL

  • Sue Caggiano 3 months ago

    His voice is so raspy. It bothers me like a nail file to my ear drum

  • annie yiallourou 3 months ago


  • CallOfBeauty 3 months ago

    i really just don't understand why they would release this to the public….. especially after seeing what happened when ABH released the subculture palette. curious to see how huda responds to all this.

  • DoeEyedFaun 3 months ago

    John you are so Extra up there in the corner, making faces..LOL

  • CallOfBeauty 3 months ago

    also the only thing i enjoy from benefit is their hoola bronzer but theres much better bronzers out there. benefits lotion broke my entire face out and i had a huge rash on my face for a week lol. their eyeshadows are also poor quality.

  • JessicaBrushwood 3 months ago

    I'm so happy this tea of fresh no offence I keep rewatching your old vidoes cause I miss my titties shaking

  • CallOfBeauty 3 months ago

    people are saying that you've gotta be careful with it and use it properly just like the subculture. but i don't think they get the point….. the reason I'm so shook about this is because everyone including myself LOVED the original palettes, and then now the sister palettes are getting their formula changed. of course people are going to be pissed if they're expecting the quality of the original palettes but getting something completely different.

  • Andreea Zaha 3 months ago

    Anyone else thinks her liquid lipsticks are rubbish? I just got Heartbreaker, Gossip Girl and Icon and they're terribly patchy and just never dry out completely, not to mention the shades are off and they come right off once you eat… so disappointing

  • Tammy Hardy wynn 3 months ago

    Dat guy was getting triggered

  • Michelle Renteria 3 months ago

    Nikki titturials

  • Michelle Renteria 3 months ago

    I love you baby and I say this with love, you need a good lip scrub and some lip balm. Make the most of those beautiful lips of yours!!!