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Mariah Carey had weight loss surgery and the feud between Kanye and Jay Z heats up.

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  • DH Saunders 3 weeks ago

    " am i right lambs? " NO YOU AINT." … hi Mariah " ewwww i almost threw up. Wendy just quit it cuz you the cartoon of hatin' n frontin' bout Mariah.

  • rkdaniel 3 weeks ago

    MEOW! What a bitchy show. I guess that's her thing…putting people down and her audience joining in. Karma.

  • Maple Desert 3 weeks ago

    I dont even know why Im here. Im glad Im not obsessed over television show like this. Bye

  • Warda Al- Shukairi 3 weeks ago

    My god get some butt…ur boobs so big n no butt look sooooooooo wired

  • milkydrian 3 weeks ago

    Somebody said jealous?

  • greimalkin 3 weeks ago

    Where is the subject breakdown times :(

  • chaerin b 3 weeks ago

    She can't recover that fast if she actually had surgery. It's Called working out. Fatty

  • Wilson Duran 3 weeks ago

    Wendy you are so fake.

  • Ofentse Ramudzuli 3 weeks ago

    She said and Phaedra’s eyelashes

  • Wendy Alejandra 3 weeks ago

    Let’s be honest here I’m sure Mariah isn’t the only one here that did surgery, wendy is the last person to judge

  • Gregory Bach 3 weeks ago

    Shes looking horrible reptilians with the way she do her hands, face structure, eyes and she says bit her tongue always goes out

  • Asmaa Rohi 3 weeks ago

    thats so rude complimenting  a fan and than getting the camera off to say 
    ''not her''

  • Asmaa Rohi 3 weeks ago

    I bif my tungfh owf owf owf  

  • MD K SHISHIR 3 weeks ago

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  • Gerardine Cizmar 3 weeks ago

    People actually travel to see this show? Wendy is famous for throwing shade which isn't much. Mariah made her BIG money from a real career. What Wendy makes is pocket change compared to Mariah's BANK.

  • Cisely Breeden 3 weeks ago

    Wendy…you may ruin Tyrese's career way more than he has. Caucasian actors spiral out of control all of the time and still get work afterwards. Does Tyrese need mental health attention? Yes! However, he should be able to work again, be it acting, singing, or whatever. Stop being messy Wendy. If the people want to buy his CD or book, let them be. He's an artist and that is his means of survival. I'm shocked at you!!!

  • Mycenaea 3 weeks ago

    American shows are always so extra xD And Wendy looks like an alien.

  • Dolores Vega 3 weeks ago

    Did Wendy have cosmetic (face) structure ?

  • Soybeans 3 weeks ago
  • giovanni centino 3 weeks ago

    why are all these Older and 40 something year old women worried about being fat??? Mariah! put on the weight to try to look like a black women's figure! which is btw she is not. Dominican by half or 1.4 does not make you afro-American???  and because you sing in a high octave etc.! that's called a gift from god and good genes! miss Wendy you a beautiful Afro-American Woman and making money by this type of show pays the bills!. BTW you nice legs! in a respectful way! xxoo!

  • Yungboifly1209 3 weeks ago

    Haha I can't be the only one wanting my body to be ready before summer, no better way to start as soon as possible. I've been preaching to all my friends the benefits of eating healthy. Fast food makes you feel like crap!! I've been on a little vegetarian diet and have had some results but it is SUCH a pain. I just want to munch of some red meat :D this new diet my friend put me on is called " the 3 week diet " i have a new years party I'm looking forward this fits perfect in my schedule. It has been working so far, check it out tell me how it works for you.

  • Noel Melin Hj 3 weeks ago

    Wendy! Why do you want us 2 hate you! You're so fucking rude & disrespectful