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  • Sonia Beltran 2 weeks ago

    I stopped making my tortilla de harina to watch this lol

  • OohlalaHolly 2 weeks ago

    I loved being a waitress at hooters

  • Yawn. Another make-up brand in a flooded market. Come up with something original. Do a make-up app with a new look inspiration everyday or write a book about the history of make-up or start a charity or something else. I know why another make-up brand though…make-up has a 600% mark-up. Greedy, greedy

  • Wow! Loving the new Black Moo..Wait..

  • Tye Blk 2 weeks ago


  • Jamie Lattner 2 weeks ago

    Girl, they aren't even teaching my 10 year old how to write cursive!! I'm teaching him it, & he hates it the house

  • ToriZee 2 weeks ago

    I agree!!! I'm indifferent to it..especially since I wont buy anything anyway. I feel like he was shady the house when he was talking about not naming the brand after his name!! He better watch it before JS and Laura anything for views Lee destroy him lol! But the only time I write in cursive is when I sign my name on something!!

  • YUMMY CUPCAKES 2 weeks ago

    GURL THAT NAME ISNT EVEN WORTHY OF TJ MAXX BROKEN CLEARANCE . What did we expect from catatonic "nude and pigmented" Manuela .

  • FrappeQueen 2 weeks ago

    Lunar in SPANISH means mole or BLEMISH. Why?????

  • YUMMY CUPCAKES 2 weeks ago

    I heard from my neighbors maid who's married to the doorman who knows FARINA SHABOOM's Mailman that the swat team descended upon that ass and she was tasered and dragged by the NYPD while she was eating BABKA.

  • Brandi Fedorko 2 weeks ago

    We all luv youuu so muchh! Happy New Year

  • craftsandnails 2 weeks ago

    Manny Yolanda Copper EyeLid Nude Lip Crappy Paint Logo Anything for Views, clock it da house!!!

  • Amber 666 2 weeks ago

    I feel like his logo is forgettable. KVD and J* have very personalized recognizable logos.

  • Colour Crazy 2 weeks ago

    it looks a lot like Black Moon Cosmetics the house! not even that pretty tbh

  • Mary Jane 2 weeks ago

    Love you so maaaach

  • Awful Stacy 2 weeks ago

    Ethereal must of been Manny's word of the day. Take a shot everytime he says ethereal and you'll be blackout drunk the

  • threeqtrtime 2 weeks ago

    I just want to give you a hug!!
    You are such a humble, sweet and caring soul. I just love you so maaauch!
    Hugs n ❤️

  • Fibro Stunna 2 weeks ago

    Rich, my fellow empath, I understand how things are with you. Other phrases that apply are "intuitive sensitive" and "indigo child". Be kind to yourself and try to not "feel other people's feels". We absorb the emotions of others. Keep them separate if you can. It's hard to do. You're right about the branding recognition for Manny. It needs his name. On the other hand, maybe his name could generate too much negative association in a google search. As for you in 2018, maybe look for a college class in an topic that interests you (not online) instead of being a waiter? It's too hectic and too many unhappy people. The service industry is so draining for empaths. But a college course/night class is a positive environment and a way to nurture yourself. Plus, I know you would have a poindexter or other character to tell us about! Happy New Year

  • LaShawn Williams 2 weeks ago

    Yes I was a bartender/waitress for years. It's good money and a lot of fun but it does wear on you after a while.

  • April Cunningham 2 weeks ago

    Hmmm you make good points about brand recognition. He's not main stream like Rhiana who didn't need to but per name on it. I personally am over sparkly whimsical products….already sooo much out there.

  • xx tyt 2 weeks ago

    I would like to know what type of lashes you wear??????!!!

  • Designer Debutante ジェイシー 2 weeks ago

    No Bueno Logo

  • Make-Up Addiction 2 weeks ago

    I write cursive handwriting everyday to this day. My daughter who is almost 9 ( year/grade 4) in a couple of weeks also only write cursive. I can also write like the Walt Disney Font.

  • Shantall Segura 2 weeks ago

    Manny looks like he's about to say, "FA MulAN," and drink tea with a lucky cricket bathing in it. XD Not digging the new beard style.

  • Raquel Rusu 2 weeks ago

    Happy New Year!!!! Love you so muuuch!!!