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black friday is coming up and my favorite k-beauty sites are all having mega sales! in this video i’ll give you the scoop on all the different sales going on, dates + percentage off, and also let you know my top recommendations from each site!


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  • Spacess 3 weeks ago

    Thank you for making this video!!! I had no idea which deals I should go for!

  • Beverly Lava 3 weeks ago

    Can you recommend a sunscreen that can be sprayed over and wont ruin makeup? Thanks

  • Amanda Bustamante 3 weeks ago

    I really like your videos and how you explain everything. Saludos de Venezuela

  • Princess Peach 3 weeks ago

    EMILY! Do you think you could please do a review on Sunday Riley? I hear the stuff in the range is amazing. Have you tried any products? would you recommend? THANNNNNNNKS <3

  • Shelley Maher 3 weeks ago

    My first black Friday after getting into k-beauty! Sooooo excited!!!

  • Lindsey Stratmeyer 3 weeks ago

    How come you don't purchase these products on Amazon? Are they more expensive or fake?

  • Alicia Rose 3 weeks ago

    As someone who considers themselves a kbeauty shopping expert, expect for wishtrend all these stores raise the prices of these products higher then they need, if y'all really want the lowest price try stores like beautyboxkorea or ibuybeauti, they are the cheapest stores with the biggest variety of brands I've seen✨✨

  • Edie Rose 3 weeks ago

    Yesss deals are everything so ty

  • Grace Chuang 3 weeks ago

    I believe the Hamish cleansing balm contains microplastics (polyethylene)? It is so harmful for the environment. I know it's an amazing product but people should stop using it!! There are always other alternatives out there without such ingredient!

  • Megan Charles 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for the heads up on SG! I was planning on loading up with the green tea masks and the Neogen H2 spray serum. I only started using Korean skincare this year and it is incredible stuff. I've had congested, oily, acne-prone (sensitive, fair) skin and in the last few months, I've noticed major changes; brighter, healthier, plumper skin. I agree completely about the snail mucin – wonderful stuff. Missha has a super aqua hydrogel mask with snail essence that is fantastic. I basically wear it until it dries out. Same with the green tea hydrogel masks. As part of my skincare journey, I've watched several of your videos (snail, green tea, honey) focused. Very helpful/informative. Happiest of upcoming Holidays!

  • Wallflower Diaries 3 weeks ago

    Love the video!

    (Good thing I checked because I wasn't receivinv notifs. Grr.)

  • Louisa C 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for making this video!! So informative

  • Nissira Patricia 3 weeks ago

    Please check Jolse and beauynetkorea.

  • Seriously? Bruh 3 weeks ago

    Thank you so much