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My Written Review:
This is a very well made belt. The Velcro portions and adjustable straps and high quality and durable. If you are looking for an adjustable waist belt, this certainly fits that description. The back of the belt features 4 acrylic bones that support and help to maintain posture. The belt Velcro’s closed at the stomach and then has two adjustable straps that you can adjust to make as tight or as loose as you wish. (See my video for a demonstration)It is a high-quality product.

My Personal Use
Let me just clarify upfront what I am using this product for. I am not one that wears these belts as a corset to try to make my waist smaller simply by strapping myself into a girdle. I believe in exercise and healthy effort to achieve whatever body shape that you desire and am not one to go for a “quick fix” so I am not wearing this belt around my house 24/7 or under my clothes. I cannot claim to have taken inches off with this product, nor have I attempted any such feat.

I have used this belt during exercise. I don’t use it during exercise in which I need to be flexible through my core, such as yoga or Pilates, but I do find it useful during certain cardio and most beneficial during weight lifting or resistant bands workouts. This definitely increases my sweat during such workouts and helps me to be more aware of my posture, thanks to the supports in the back. Especially when I am working with weights, I want to watch the way I am holding my back and this has been helpful to me.

Another way that I plan to use this belt in the future is as a postpartum belt. After my third child, I borrowed a friend’s belt and have wanted to get one of my own since. This belt is way better quality than the one that I borrowed, and I simply cannot even compare the two. This would be so effective as a postpartum belt because you can adjust it so well, it offers back support and the compression would be helpful for all of that loose skin. My hips spread and shift a great deal during delivery and a supportive belt really relieves the pressure on loose hips, for me. This one would be great for that and I am so glad that I have it….I wished that I would have gotten this sooner.

I would not recommend using this belt to put on as tightly as possible in attempts to shrink your waist. This is very adjustable and will certainly cinch tight so use cautiously. As a training belt during exercise, make sure that you are properly hydrated as this can significantly increase your sweating. This is a well-made product and I am pleased with the quality. Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion.

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