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It’s Called “The Fat Burner” Because It Eliminates Abdominal Fat In Just 7 Days →

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Many people dream of having a perfectly toned body and a healthy weight, but unfortunately, it is not something that happens with a flick of a button.

In order to maintain healthy weight you will need to follow a strict healthy diet regime and exercise on regular basis.

It’s Called “The Fat Burner” Because It Eliminates Abdominal Fat In Just 7 Days –

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  • BIg Steven 3 months ago

    Because one starts a trend of BS then everybody gets on the bandwagon.

  • Djuana Okocha 3 months ago

    Chia seeds have always helpedmy digestive system. Thanks for posting!

  • kevin adamson 3 months ago

    I ve had bowel problems for over 20 years and alternated between dioreah and chronic constipation.  Ive recently discovered chia seeds and they seem to get my bowels working naturally without resorting to laxatives.  My method ; soak 2 teaspoons of seeds in half pint of cold water for anhour. then brew some tea, green or other in half pint of water,w hen it cools mix it in a pint mug and stir it well, squeeze in juice of half a lemon, if wanted put in honey to sweeten, leave In fridge overnight   next morning drink half on an empty stomach then other half after light breakfast.  Ive lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. I think the secret is the lemon activates the liver and kidneys and the chia stimulates the colon to get rid of waste effectively. Leaving it to soak overnight absorbs all the water and creates a frogspawn type drink witch is not that unpleasant. It works for me and oh I recently had a colonoscopy and there was no sign of bowel disease.

  • Natural Health 3 months ago

    nice video ! if you have any questions about video please ask me

  • Colette Roy 3 months ago

    this sounds like a purging recipe…..a cleans it will make you go to the bathroom….that is all.

  • Frank Fazoli 3 months ago

    Chia seeds are great in smoothies.

  • Jane Hyde 3 months ago

    LOL, She is skinny all over and lost 1/2 her boobs too. LOL  One week?  I don't think so. ;D

  • Ve Vee 3 months ago

    This is so photoshopped and fake at 1st glance that I didn't even watch this fake video. Just making this comment and I'm outta here. I do wonder how many people are fooled by this?

  • Joe Ezetta 3 months ago

    There are no studies that state 100 percent chia seeds burn belly fat. It might be due to increasing fiber in the diet may encourage weight loss. Basically, we all work the same. Calories in Calories out. Burn more calories than you eat results in weight loss.

  • Tammie Richardson 3 months ago

    not ingesting chia seeds

  • swljones123 3 months ago

    That image is so photoshopped

  • Gail Overton 3 months ago

    Her hair didn't change at all! And she's holding her hands in exactly the same position..Looks like an edited picture.

  • Danzky Hiramis 3 months ago

    dont bullshit asshole now a day edit can make business

  • Harrison Harrisonuzu 3 months ago

    always show the materials and the process of preparation ,not only reading text. thanks.

  • Carol Markley 3 months ago

    if you look closely you'll see that the models hair in both the fat and skinny pictures every curl Falls exactly the same way her hand is the same way everything about both pictures are identical with the exception of on one side she has a black bottom on her bathing suit which is easy enough to fake basically what I'm saying is this picture is fake there is no way that the curls in her hair could fall identically the same way from one picture to another much less from one week to another so once again folks we have another scammed picture you know there's enough people out there trying to cheat you out of your money for weight loss that it's really a shame when other people come along and put up phony cures and phony pictures to make you think that their cure is the way with all the take care of your problem anyone who's chunky knows the Heartbreak of trying one thing after another and to have people put phony stuff up it's just cold hearted you should be ashamed of your self
    makes me look at your other remedies and cures and wonder how fake they might be also