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I finally ordered the it works defining gel to use in between my body wraps… Why haven’t I done that sooner??? The it works defining gel is an absolute must have for in between wraps!!

Order yours today!
Anita Scruggs, Independent Distributor
Spartanburg SC
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  • sunshine00241 1 week ago

    I use so many wraps. But I wanted to know if you can use this in between and use the wraps less often? Also do you see instant results as with the wraps?

  • Carisma Thomas 1 week ago

    Im hoping it works for me, just order the defining gel and wraps i only paid 15$ for 3 wraps and 15$ for two bottles of gel (amazon) has it for the LOW !

  • Kelsee Carlsen 1 week ago

    Are the results permanent?Or is it something that, if you stop using it, it all comes back? For example, is it like a tanning lotion? The tan stays as long as you continue using it but once you stop using it, it fades? I hope this makes sense..

  • a doker 1 week ago

    Hi, can the defining gel be used after showering with soaps like dove and caress that have moisturizers because I heard that you can't use any soaps like dove or caress with the wraps because of the moisturizers or it wont work? Thanks!

  • Cat Prints 1 week ago

    did you get instant results like within a few minutes of using it. Because i actually saw my arm fat go down.