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  • Nugget bear :3 1 month ago

    It's fake cause it makes you skinny but it's only for a temporary time and it's only water weigh so you will get skinny but the next day you will get fat I recommend you guys use garcinia cambonia cause it works and you don't have to be in a diet or even exercise!

  • Saba Kamran 1 month ago

    how many times a day we would have to do this and shall i use this regularly

  • Mr UTubeCover Fan 1 month ago

    I give this video

  • Mr UTubeCover Fan 1 month ago

    To all you dummies viewing this video: Use Herbalife and do your own wraps with Saran wrap and actually get your fat ass off the couch and in the gym for at least 2hours and not 30minutes. Team Herbalife

  • Cindy Newman 1 month ago

    saran wrap works good by itself

  • Horror Nerd 1 month ago

    this did not work for me either

  • Meeni Prakriti 1 month ago

    not working

  • Meeni Prakriti 1 month ago

    not working

  • Gull H 1 month ago

    Sans ander khencha hywa hy

  • Shivani Awale 1 month ago

    does the belly becomes like b4 afterwards

  • Shabnoor Khan 1 month ago

    Fake video

  • Troy M 1 month ago

    ladies lose weight and stay healthy

    On The Lean: Lose Weight and Maintain

  • Elina Kaseb 1 month ago

    sorry what is with one use under

  • meru m 1 month ago

    how many days are required for this treatment at home

  • Leticia Saenz 1 month ago

    please, women she may be 1 innch, less, but as soon you drink water you will be fat again, do not believe that, that's not real.
    Everyone can apply any kind of cream and wrap paper same results, NOT WORKING.
    If you really want to loose weight, eat healthy and exercise.

  • Larry Mawhorr 1 month ago

    This is a fraud. You do not lose weight at the most a little water which you gain back. The worst is they tie you into an automatic refill of your first order and cancelling is very difficult. Do not get suckered in to this product and sceam!

  • Yamile Rojas 1 month ago

    she was sucking in her belly you can tell by the difference of her lungs

  • binfun 2 1 month ago

    it works on kids

  • Dela Tahiri 1 month ago

    Pls what she's gone loose she has no fat

  • Patty B 1 month ago

    can u take a shower after the wrapp

  • Jenifer Rozario 1 month ago

    How can i order…how can i get it…

  • Lezeil Suico 1 month ago

    stomach out, stomach in! oh..

  • CBx91 1 month ago

    Well. faith in humanity lost. We can't get off our lazy ass to lose some weight.

  • Itzel Bedolla 1 month ago

    can we sleep with it?