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Does this fat burner really works.

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Tarun Gill is a creator of successful YouTube fitness channel, co-owner of a food supplement company, founder of TG Connect, an event based platform to recognize under privileged and needy athletes, Brand Ambassador of IndiGo airlines for their fit to fly campaign and the Founder/Editor of India’s first free fitness magazine Aesthetic Indian.


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  • Abhinav Shrivastava 3 weeks ago

    From where v can get real DNP pills or powder??

  • abhishek vaja 3 weeks ago

    Tarun sir you are superb

  • Namwar Abbas 3 weeks ago

    sir plz give some info about Cardarine gw plzzz

  • Oliver Hofer 3 weeks ago

    I love weight loss green store stuff! I have been eating clean for months and had hit a plateau. Just could not seem to lose no matter what I attempted. I am now back to losing 1-3 pounds a week.

  • The FSF 3 weeks ago

    Says. Guy who takes roids

  • The FSF 3 weeks ago

    Is it good for a 17 Y/o

  • Imran Ahmad 3 weeks ago

    Tarun please keep up the good work. Its not that I don't follow other indian channels but your's is unique. "People just talk shit about fake supplements BUT YOU ARE THE WHO IS ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT" good work bro. Keep it up. #FakeKoFek

  • Epic SardarJi 3 weeks ago

    You Know that I know that So lets Not get into that ;)

  • Neeraj Jamdagni 3 weeks ago

    sir you are best !!!!

  • Krishna Patel 3 weeks ago

    Bhai aap ki video dekh k bahut acha laga thank u for the review thank u for thinking about us thank u so much ese hi video bannate raho bhai keep it up

  • Jugal parghi 3 weeks ago

    i trust u I will try this one time

  • akshay bhalerao fitness 3 weeks ago

    too Good sir