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Does the presence of candida in the stool correlate with “candida hypersensitivity” symptoms such as headaches and tiredness and what happens when people are placed on a high-sugar diet.

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This was a bit of a tangent off from the topic of the last video, Does Nutritional Yeast Trigger Crohn’s Disease? ( I return back to that in my next video Is Nutritional Yeast Healthy for Everyone? ( and then offer hope for sufferers of another inflammatory condition in Dietary Cure for Hidradenitis Suppurativa (

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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM
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  • Nextlevel Vegan 3 months ago

    If you guys didn't know know Mercury cause Candida and many other problems so Aviod all sources of it including rice amaglam fillings and fish all fish

  • Ariel Borroel 3 months ago

    Yeah! Youre the fuckin best!! Thanks for the subtitiles!! Amazing!! I feel so happy for your Chanel!!

  • rolom3 3 months ago

    Dr Greger! I'm 3 years vegan now and I have had many meat eaters tell me that it's not meat that gives you disease it's the quality of it. Could this be true? I found this study and it's making me so annoyed because it might be true… I can't see if it's funded by the meat industry or not. I would love if you could look into and see if it is true…

  • Angela Ochoa 3 months ago

    Wow I'm amazed by the clear info here! I want to know if this topic is linked to low stomach acid. I have a worsening skin condition ( severe cystic acne, especially on back, chest and jawline ) and I'm so determined to fix this myself from the inside out! I've gone vegan now for about a month and have seen some improvement

  • glenda anderson 3 months ago

    Cancer and Candida are so connected that candida will never be a "real thing" in our medical establishment. Sorry but studies mean nothing to me anymore.

  • Emily BH 3 months ago

    9 times out of 10, tiredness is due to low functioning adrenal glands and headaches due to constipation. The adrenals also control the autonomic nervous system which controls the gut where candida overgrowth is found. There is a lot of truth to the saying that disease starts in the gut. If we take care of it by first and foremost, eating a species appropriate diet which as you have pointed out, should be comprised of raw fruit and raw vegetables and use only whole herbs which the body can also easily digest and utilize, there would be little need for drugs. First we have to recognize we've been brainwashed by BIG FOOD and BIG MEDICA about what we are supposed to be eating and in the meantime have become addicted to things that shouldn't be going anywhere near our lips let alone our stomachs.

  • twitchos 3 months ago

    Does that mean there is no such thing as an overgrowth of Candida? Or does it mean there are no serious side effects to an overgrowth?

  • Virtue Friend 3 months ago

    Busting pseudoscience myths, one at a time.
    Thank you, sir!

  • L.A. Jameson 3 months ago

    Thank you, Doctor G! I've been telling this to friends and clients for a long time. It's great to cut out processed sugars and grains for a number of reasons, BUT I've seen people cutting out fruit too, which I think is really dangerous. No matter how much I preach, though, it does indeed seem to be so deeply ingrained now – this idea that Candida causes so many problems – that many hold onto it as the ultimate excuse. Now I can point them to this video, stat!

  • Sree Ss 3 months ago

    You are incredibly entertaining and informative!!

  • Holly Savannah 3 months ago

    This is real…I knew someone who got this by using " too much antibacterial soap" on their hands, one thing led to another. First on her hands, then a rash on hands and arms, she tried the highest steroid creams, her rash got worse…she got very sick. No cream worked and her dermatolgist was puzzled. Her blood pressure went very high, still many rashes and no steroids worked. A doctor then thought maybe Cushing? But it was clear she had an overall imbalance in her skin that started to infect her whole body. Another doctor suggested she had to much yeast and that the antibacterial soap and gels had to stop. You know what cured all her symptoms? She used head and shoulders as soap….everything cleared.

  • Pretty Vicious 3 months ago

    One test based on stool samples from people asked a few questions, doesnt begin to scratch the surface on the complexity of having candida issues. No company has any vested interest on funding better studies or long term testing because its not profitable yet, so we end up with half-assed studies and dismissive literature, rather than anyone who takes this seriously.

  • Robert Seeley 3 months ago

    So I shouldn't drink turpentine?

  • 朱真明 3 months ago

    So you're telling me that I could kill myself by licking a open wound?

  • onyomi 3 months ago

    He still didn't clearly answer the question: can eating yeast give you Crohn's Disease?

  • Courtney Loftus 3 months ago

    Candida infections and overgrowth can be due to more than diet. I was exposed to mold in my home from water damage and developed systemic candida and many symptoms that were diagnosed as candida and did have to be treated with antifungals.

  • joe bolan 3 months ago

    Sounds like Doc is having a quite pleasant day.

  • Fruitful Life 3 months ago

    This video seems to imply candida isn't an issue but what about people who get systemic candida where they have yeast infections essentially all over their body. What is someone to do in that case? Not treat it?

  • Michael Calibri 3 months ago

    Ketoconazole, the same ketoconazole in anti-fungal shampoos. Hepatoxic.

  • Carolyn 3 months ago

    Has anyone else struggled with severe tinea versicolor? I've always assumed it was due to candida overgrowth. It's hard to find solid research about it

  • going tiny 3 months ago

    if someone has CD, why would they be taking MIralax daily? Does CD make you constipated(?) because I read that people with CD have more of the 'opposite' problem.

  • Alex Swan 3 months ago

    Seems like people want to hold on to their Candida as much as to their Coconut Oil.

  • Lisa Louise 3 months ago

    I'd love hear what you have to say about myalgic encephalomyelitis. Since I've been moderate to severely ill with mecfs I've developed alot of allergies/intolerances to weird food and chemicals. Wonder if there is any science to that or whether it's just a coincidence