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IIFYM. Counting Your Macros Is F*cking Up Your Health. Nutrition Facts and Advice with Jason Phillips for Mind Pump TV. IIFYM Full Day of Eating, Flexible Dieting and Intuitive Eating explained with Nutrition Expert Jason Phillips and Mind Pump’s Sal Di Stefano.


If It Fits Your Macros

What is it? Is it great? Or is it crap??

- Proteins
- Carbs
- Fats


Fucked up things:

- 1 nutrient that’s never talked about is Fiber
- Fiber is not sexy

Bodybuilding crowd.
Bunch of college kids bored out of their minds

Here’s the thing that NOBODY talks about:
Really shredded and look really good on stage
Does NOT equate to optimal health or optimal performance

Yet to see anyone who has yet to break a world record Olympic lifting or powerlifting eating pop tarts and donuts

As your health declines, your appearance gets worse as well
You’re going to look awful
Oxidative stress

Do their show, then disappear

Leads to developing a poor relationship with food
Restricted calorie setting
ALL their focused on is what food they’re going to eat
Training takes a back seat
Social life takes a back seat
Health takes a back seat

IIFYM Instagram Pages
Bodies or Food
Donuts, Pizza, Ice Cream
NOT balanced
The key to success and long term success with dieting is sustainability
Emphasis on sugar is going to mess with you long term and reduce longevity
NOT disputing the fat loss argument of that you can look the way you want eating any food
At some point your goals do shift

Prioritize nutrient density

IIFYM for competitors vs nutrient density foods
Look better when you avoid processed foods
Macros with high food quality
Doug Miller – one of the best natural physiques

One of the first thing to teach your clients:
Macros and calories; then progress from their
Can become very obsessive
Intuitive Eating
Best intuitive eaters started with a macros prescription

How do you eat when you travel?
It’s not as hard as people make it
Most people try and justify their cravings

Hyperpalatability = something that tastes really really good

These foods trigger opioid receptors
Food addiction is a very real thing
These companies know that
It will still elicit the same response in your brain

When you avoid processed foods and eat a strawberry or apple, it’s delicious

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should

You physically can put anything you want in your macros
Understand there will be ramifications; long term physically & emotionally

Macros are important
Calories are important
BUT they’re not everything
christian guzman prep

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  • Jonathan Rodriguez 2 weeks ago

    these guys are retards

  • Fernando Conde 2 weeks ago

    What the hell is a macro?

  • GetEm Greyson 2 weeks ago

    Sorry this is shit … iifym is perfect. If you're eating fucking poptarts all day you're a fucking moron to begin with. Anyone that is actually into fitness and health ( not just looking good) will know that if you eat shit all day its going to catch up to you. But if you eat normal healthy food, and have space to throw in a poptart of a hotpocket it's not going to affect you in the long run, thats the whole point of iifym. Not lets just eat whatever. Oh and btw … doug miller is about as fuckin natural as a poptart.

  • Daniel Barrera 2 weeks ago

    En pocas palabras, puedes usar IIFYM y funcionara pero a largo plazo no es la mejor opcion si quieres tener todos los beneficios de una dieta correcta, ademas de que puedes tener problemas de salud. Interesante…
    Thumbs Up!

  • phaleg1977 2 weeks ago

    33 years old?! shit you look like 45

  • Scott D 2 weeks ago

    I remember I had friends that payed a trainer over $600 for nutritional advice and he put them on IIFYM, then they were eating poutines and fast food cause it fit their macros. Needless to say it didnt work and they gained weight. That being said these guys do make a great point. Also note they say it can lead to a bad relationship with food, not that it always will.

  • Vera Zheleznyak 2 weeks ago
  • Van Allen 2 weeks ago

    I understand what they mean, but it’s a bad strawman

  • chelsea olson 2 weeks ago

    What advice would you give for a trainer who can measure best their clients results from them tracking what they are eating? If you don't want them to get into this obsessive addiction?

  • 2painfull 2 weeks ago

    Polyunsaturated fats combined with sugars are the devil.

  • Mike D 2 weeks ago

    I'd say I loosely adhere to the IIFYM principles and it's been doing me well for a couple of years. That is, I track calories but leave a little room for something enjoyable almost every day. But I don't think it means to eating a bowl of M&M's or gorging on sugar. There's a whole spectrum of behavior IIFYM can apply to and I think using the basic idea of it responsibly can help keep eating a diet of broccoli, cod and chicken more sustainable. And what's wrong with yogurt? There's lots of junky yogurt on the shelf, but greek yogurt has a gram of protein per every 10 calories.

  • Taylor Rodriguez 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for this!!!

  • Swole Buddy 2 weeks ago

    This dude really thinks that Drug Miller is natural? Really?

  • ItsMr Dave 2 weeks ago

    This video is dumb

  • KiloFit 2 weeks ago

    Processed foods for the most part do not suppress the hunger hormone
    Ghrelin and to compound the problem they activate the nucleus accumben, the reward center of
    the brain. It's s vicious cycle that leaves you feeling and looking horrible. When you eat a muffin
    or a donut for breakfast it will taste so good and may seem satisfying but in reality your body will
    start to crave more food because the fructose in the muffin will excite your brain leaving you
    craving for more food. The worst part is your body does not feel good because it is not getting
    the macro and micro nutrients it needs, so in the long run you really don't feel satisfied and the only way to
    feel good again is to eat more unhealthy food giving you a temporary fix. This cycle is similar to
    the way a drug addict reacts to drugs.

  • gerardo moreno 2 weeks ago

    half the Bay area is going to loose their shit when they see this video! loved it! can't wait to get on my macros and start my maps anabolic as well… literally this is what i needed to hear because i was about to do iifym but now I know better to remain on my meal preps…

  • Cory Martin 2 weeks ago

    Never knew IIFYM people were so easily butt hurt.

  • Austin Klueber 2 weeks ago

    I think lots of people are missing the point of the video. They aren’t saying you can NEVER enjoy a single processed food ever again. They are saying that you should make fitting foods into your macros your main focus of life. I also think they don’t want people to fall into the vicious circle of becoming food obsessed which ABSOLUTELY DOES HAPPEN.

  • Jonathan smith 2 weeks ago

    All I do is if I wanted to gain weight I eat at a surplus counting only calories without giving that much of a rat ass about macros and if I want to lose weight I just eat below my maintence.